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Luna Shield

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Luna Shield.gif Luna Shield
Trade Info
Item class Shield
Buy value 3900
Sell value 2925
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 33
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star venus.gif 30

A Luna Shield (ルナシールド, Luna Shield?) is a Shield-class hand armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description[edit]

The Luna Shield increases the wearer's base defense by 33, and it increases Venus resistance by 30. It can be bought for 3900 coins and sold for 2925 coins.

The Luna Shield is obtained by bringing a Star Dust forgeable material to Sunshine the Blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into either this or several other items. As a Shield, it can be equipped by Felix, Piers, Isaac, and Garet.


The Luna Shield is comparable in many ways to the Fujin Shield, acquired much earlier but boasting similar stats. The Luna Shield offers 10 additional points of Defense in exchange for a lower bonus to resistance. Both will remain powerful pieces of equipment up until Lemuria and the Aegis Shield. As such, the Luna Shield is a top contender for use of the first Star Dust found in Taopo Swamp. Whether it or a Planet Armor is acquired from the Star Dust is a matter of personal choice.

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