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Fujin Shield

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Fujin Shield.gif Fujin Shield
Trade Info
Item class Shield
Buy value 1400
Sell value 1050
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 23
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star jupiter.gif 50

The Fujin Shield (ふうじんのたて, Fūjin no tate?, lit. Fūjin's Shield) is a type of Shield found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description[edit]

The Fujin Shield increases the wearer's Defense by 23 points, as well as increasing the wearer's Jupiter Resistance by 50 points. It can be sold for 1050 coins and subsequently rebought for 1400 coins.

It is located in a chest at the top of Air's Rock, and can be equipped by Felix and Piers. Later on, Isaac and Garet will be able to equip the Fujin Shield after joining the party.


Statistically, the Fujin Shield is especially strong for an early game piece of equipment. For comparison, the Gauntlets which provide an equal boost to Defense, are not available until after the player has received the ship. At the time it is found, Felix is the only Adept capable of equipping it, and thus it will almost always be given to him. Because there isn't a stronger Shield or Glove for some time afterwards, the Fujin Shield is a rather important piece of equipment to possess, and can only be reliably replaced by the Luna Shield, War Gloves, or Aerial Gloves during the lengthy period of the game up until Lemuria.

Cultural Allusions[edit]

Origin: Japan

Fujin is the Japanese God of Wind, which is probably why the Fujin Shield defends against Wind attacks. The deity is often portrayed as a terrifying dark demon, resembling a red-headed, humanoid black leopard carrying a large bag of wind over his shoulders.


  • The Fujin Shield is the first Shield-class Artifact in The Lost Age.
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