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Blacksmiths are non-playable characters found throughout the Golden Sun series, although they weren't introduced until the second game. Blacksmiths will take any raw materials and rusty weapons players have collected and turn them into powerful equipment, sometimes for a fee and always an Artifact. Although they rarely play a major role in the story, blacksmiths are still important characters from a gameplay perspective.

An important point to remember about blacksmiths is that, unless they're re-forging an old weapon, the equipment they make is randomly selected from a list of items unique to each forgeable item. While a Salamander Tail will never turn into a Huge Sword or a Floating Hat, it could come out as a Burning Sword, an Ardagh Robe, or something else entirely; the only way to find out what it will become is to hand it over to the blacksmith and see what happens. Fortunately, the item it will become is determined after handing over the materials, so saving beforehand is advised.

Much of the best equipment in the series must be made with a blacksmith's help. Of course, that does not mean all of a blacksmith's items are superior to equipment found elsewhere. Regardless of the final product's quality, blacksmiths spend an equal amount of time on each project: All players have to do is leave the village the blacksmith calls home, then return as soon as they reach the world map. Upon returning to the blacksmith, the item will be finished.

Sunshine (The Lost Age)[edit]

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Choosing a forgeable item for Sunshine in Yallam to convert into a viable piece of equipment.

The first blacksmith introduced, Sunshine lives in Yallam, located in the north-east corner of Osenia. The gear Sunshine makes is praised by the villagers, but the man comes across as temperamental, refusing to work if it isn't raining. This is because the nearby Taopo Swamp, where Sunshine gets most of his materials, dries up when it doesn't rain often. When he does work, Sunshine rarely knows what he's going to make until he begins.

Although he can't get any materials himself, Sunshine will craft any items brought to him by Felix's party. However, everyone needs to make a living, so Felix must pay for the item once it is finished. The price Sunshine (or rather, his wife) charges is the same as it would cost to buy the item from ordinary vendors. Players do not necessarily have to leave Yallam for Sunshine to finish his project. Instead, one can visit the local sanctum or spend a night at the inn.

Obaba (Dark Dawn)[edit]

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Choosing a forgeable item for Obaba in Champa to convert into a viable piece of equipment.

Although she first appeared in the previous game (Golden Sun: The Lost Age), Obaba doesn't fill the blacksmith role until Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Even in The Lost Age, though, Obaba shows off her skills with the forge by repairing the Trident of Ankohl, which Felix's group needs to defeat the guardian of the Sea of Time.

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

A major event in Dark Dawn is the Grave Eclipse, which forces most of Champa's residents to flee, setting up a temporary camp to the east. Obaba, however, refuses to leave. Eventually her great-grandson Eoleo, accompanied by Felix's nephew Matthew and their other friends, arrives to tell Obaba of the death of her grandson (and Eoleo's father).

To aid her great-grandchild and his new companions in their quest, Obaba offers her services to the party. Much like Sunshine before her, Obaba will take any old or unforged items and craft them into valuable equipment. Unlike Sunshine, Obaba will create the items free of charge.

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