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The Umbra Map allows Matthew's party of Adepts to narrow down the locations of the remaining four pieces of Umbra Gear across upper Weyard.
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The Umbra Map (こだいのちず, Kodai no chizu?, lit. Ancient Map) is a map that records the locations of the Umbra Gear, a set of equipment necessary to navigate Apollo Sanctum. Technically, the Umbra Gear can be collected without the Umbra Map. However, players are not expected to know the locations of the Umbra Gear on their first time playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, hence the addition of the Umbra Map. Even if a player collects all the Umbra Gear beforehand, the Umbra Map is automatically acquired before the Red Orb, which is also needed to access Apollo Sanctum.

Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

The Umbra Map is said to be part of Morgal's oldest records (It is not explained how it got there, given that Morgal was only recently founded). Following Sana's annexation of Morgal, the Umbra Map and other treasures were taken by the Sanans as spoils of the war. It would fall into the hands of Lord Kuan, who would later die in the Morgal Revolution.

Matthew's travels to stop the Grave Eclipse leads them to Himi, who has a prophecy which reveals the map's existence and its original location. Sveta, a member of Morgal's royal family, reveals the map's current owners are the Sanans. The group travels to Tonfon, and speaks to Emperor Unan, who notes that the only person who could have the map is Lord Kuan's son Ryu Kou, whom Matthew had met earlier.

Matthew uses Lady Hinechou's Echo Gem to track Ryu Kou down to Iceberg Outpost. During Hou Zan's funeral, Kraden will ask Ryu Kou if he has the map. Although reluctant, he will hand it over. After acquiring the map, the group realizes that finding the locations of the gear will not be as simply as they thought, since the Umbra Map is ancient and Weyard's geography has changed since then. After a bit of study, Karis will mark the locations of the Umbra Gear on the player's world map.

The locations of the Umbra Gear are:

Umbra Gauntlet DD.png Umbra Gauntlets: Tonfon (Secret room in Emperor Unan's study)
Umbra Knuckles DD.png Umbra Knuckles: Burning Island Cave
Umbra Cloak DD.png Umbra Cloak: Gaia Falls Islet
Umbra Cowl DD.png Umbra Cowl: Lonely Island Ruins
Umbra Goggles DD.png Umbra Goggles: Snowdrift Shrine

Spoilers end here.Those who did not want the plot ruined for them may now continue reading as normal.
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