Lonely Island Ruins

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The Lonely Island Ruins entrance is west of Tonfon on Angara. The bridge must be made corporeal through the Search Psynergy.

Lonely Island Ruins (めだま島遺跡, Eyeball Island Ruins) is a dungeon location in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is one of several locations that holds a piece of the Umbra Gear. The Lonely Island Ruins are located far to the west of Tonfon, next to the Endless Wall.


Before the locale can even be reached, the party must have recruited Himi in Yamata City so that her Search Psynergy can be cast to permanently unseal its location on the map; unlike similar locations, the Search Psynergy is used to form a bridge leading to its cave icon rather than open the cave icon itself. The story will later visually indicate, through the Umbra Map that can be received at Iceberg Outpost, that this is the location of one of the mandatory Umbra Gear treasures that need to be collected before entering the Endless Wall to begin the final sequence of dungeons.

The rotating head inside the ruins must have various Psynergy applied to it like Slap.

Reaching this dungeon can be somewhat tricky because it requires you to head west out of Tonfon at Angara's eastern tip and step into the shadowed portion of the continent, where the monsters of the Grave Eclipse are especially strong. After following the path west and up the "stairs," proceed west through the thick mass of forest right underneath the official entrance to the Endless Wall itself and hug the mountain until you reach a lake. Walk the narrow green land wrapping tightly around it counter-clockwise and cast Search on the sparkling effect at the southwest part of the lake to form the stone bridge leading to the cave in the island in the center.

Past the glyph tablet at the start is a set of three doors; the center and east doors immediately grant you chests with the Asura's Armor and 321 Coins, respectively. Now enter the left door and cast Move to move the earth pillar all the way to the right. Pick up the northwest chest's contents (a Vial), then climb up the ivy and hop down onto the earth pillar so that you can transport yourself to the spire off to the right with the Grip Psynergy. Grip the spire east of that, and climb up and then down the two vines to reach the doorway at the top end of the room.

In the "main room" of the dungeon, three more glyph tablets indicate three separate series of steps needed to be taken with the various objects in this room:

  • Slap the red nose of the statue head to make its eyes glow red and two torches light up; cast Douse on the left one, then remotely cast Douse on the right one while standing at the rocks a fair distance below it. The eyes will turn back off.
  • Slap the red nose again and the statue will fill up the middle pool with rivers representing its "tears." Remotely cast Move on the earth pillar left of the bowl of water, then hop right to the bowl and cast Arid Heat to shut off the rivers and make the pool empty.
  • Slap the red nose once more and the eyes will now glow purple, and a purple mist will appear on top of the statue's head. After hopping beneath the small puddle southwest of the statue, cast Cold Snap to turn it into an ice pillar and then climb onto it, and remotely cast Move on the earth pillar north of yourself to drop it off to the right. Hop north and cast Whirlwind on the purple mist from the left, making the statue lower.

After climbing back down to the floor, cast Fireball to melt the ice pillar and enter the large door, and hop to the chest to claim the Umbra Cowl. Cast Retreat to save time leaving the area.


  • Asuras Armor DD.gif Asura's Armor: Behind the center door near the start.
  • Coin DD.png 321 coins: Behind the right door near the start.
  • Vial DD.png Vial: Off to the upper left while traversing the route past the left door near the start.
  • Umbra Cowl DD.png Umbra Cowl: The sole treasure at the end, behind the face statue.


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