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Using Search near tell-tale light-purple sparkles permanently manifests a hidden object or opens a closed door at that spot, such as opening the sealed entrance to Gaia Falls Islet.

Search (サーチ) is a Venus Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Its encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

"This earth-based Psynergy is unique to Himi. It allows her to discover hidden objects and other secrets."

Basic Description

Search costs 1 PP per use. Technically, Search is bestowed by the Third Eye. However, the item merges with Himi prior to Himi joining the party, similarly to the Insight Glass choosing Amiti. Thus for practical purposes, Search is only available to Himi.

Search functions similarly to Reveal, in that it reveals hidden objects so that the party can interact with them, except that its visual effect lasts roughly 8-7 seconds, in stark contrast to Reveal's one. Hidden objects are clearly indicated by the appearance of white or purple sparkles. Once used, Search permanently reveals the object. While Search can be used to solve dungeon puzzles, it is specifically required to find the Umbra Gear, as the dungeons containing each piece are inaccessible until Search is used on or near the entrance.

Star venus.gif Venus 1 PP
"See beyond the visible realm." ((DD)) Make nearby sparkling spots either permanently manifest corporeal features or be permanently exposed.


  • The Search Psynergy's visual effect is similar in appearance to the Lens of Truth item from The Legend of Zelda series, which was also published by Nintendo. Furthermore, the Lens of Truth in these games is also used to allow the player to see the unseen.
    • Also, the symbol on the Third Eye, which grants Himi the Search Psynergy, resembles the symbol of the Sheikah, who created the Lens of Truth.
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