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Weapon Grace

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Weapon Grace being cast in Dark Dawn

Weapon Grace (ブレシング, Blessing) is a Venus-based stand-alone support Psynergy, introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Characteristics[edit]

Weapon Grace is a single-target support Psynergy that increases Attack.

Weapon Grace
Star venus.gif Venus 13 PP
Range 1.gif
"Boost an ally's attack with martial spirits." (DD-present) Increases the Attack rating of one Adept by 50%.

Visually, Weapon Grace shows an glowing orb of gold-colored energy forming above the targeted Adept, while golden-rings form below the Adept. A red-purple sword briefly appears above the Adept to show that Attack has been boosted.

Statistical Impact[edit]

Weapon Grace increases Attack by 50%, the maximum percentage of increase. In comparison, the Impact Psynergy raises attack by 25%. The percentage increase means that Adepts with higher Attack benefit more than Adepts with lower Attack.


As of Dark Dawn, Weapon Grace is unique to the Miko class series. This class is a Venus-based mono-elemental class unique to Himi. Himi will only be in this class when she has no Djinn or only Venus Djinn Set to her. Weapon Grace is learned at Level 21.


Weapon Grace is an interesting addition to the vast array of support Psynergy. The ability to maximize Attack in one turn is an excellent effect, as it opens up more options for other supporting Adepts. For example Weapon Grace would free up a Hermit to use Wish to heal, rather than using Impact or High Impact over multiple turns. Weapon Grace can be especially useful in combination with Sveta's Beastform. As Sveta will already have high Attack in this form, Weapon Grace not only allows for the full use of her abilities, but helps Sveta to deal more damage quickly, an excellent benefit considering Beastform's limited duration.

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