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Beastform being cast in Dark Dawn

Beastform (チェンジビースト, Change Beast) is a Jupiter Psynergy that was introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is notable in that using it gives the caster access to a unique class series, the Wild Animal class series. It is unique to the Jupiter Adept Sveta.

Basic Description

Beastform is a non-offensive Psynergy that affects only the caster.

Star jupiter.gif Jupiter 8 PP
Range 1.gif
"Call on the power of the inner beast." (DD-present) Transforms the user and changes the user's class to the Wild Animal class series.

Visually, Beastform shows Sveta transforming into purple werewolf-like creature. The in-game text will state "Sveta embraced the beast within."


Beastform is a unique Psynergy in that it visually transforms the user and changes the user's class to the Wild Animal class series, granting tremendous Attack and HP, but lowered PP, as well as a different set of Psynergy. Once used, the Beastform command will become inaccessible.

As a cost of using Beastform, any Djinn that Sveta may have in her possession become temporarily unusable. This is because the duration of Beastform is limited to the number of set Djinn in her possession. Sveta will not resume her normal form until one of three conditions are met: The battle ends; Sveta faints; or she has spent a number of turns transformed equal to her number of set Djinn. After returning to normal form, the in-game text reads "Sveta resumed human form." In addition, for each turn spend in Beastform, one of Sveta's Djinn will be placed in recovery. If all of Sveta's Djinn are in recovery, she will not be able to access Beastform until the Djinn recover. Should Sveta be targeted by a Djinn draining move like Djinn Blast or Djinn Storm, she will be forced out of Beastform automatically.


Beastform is inherent to the Jupiter Adept Sveta, who will know it regardless of class or level. While Beastform can be accessed from any class, the form will be at full power when Sveta enters it from one of her two unique class series, the Beastling class series and the Scrapper class series.


Beastform is an extremely unique Psynergy, being the only Psynergy that will change an Adept's class on demand. Additionally, Beastform is accessible from any class short of the Wild Animal class series it grants access to, meaning it always remains an option. Due to Beastform's Djinn requirement, it is generally reserved for boss battles, which take longer, thus allowing more time to take advantage of the form. Using Beastform gives Sveta several new Attack options, which are detailed on the article for the Wild Animal class series.

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