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The Encyclopedia is a feature introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is viewable in-game while your action menu is open, appearing as an option alongside returning menus like Psynergy, Djinn, status, and so on. The Encyclopedia contains information on various terms, people, and locations brought up in conversations throughout the game.

Much of the game's dialogue features words and terms that are highlighted in red. Whenever one appears on screen for the first time, the Encyclopedia's entry on that word or term is permanently added to the encyclopedia, regardless of whether it is opened up while the dialogue remains on-screen or not (the term can either be tapped with the stylus, or more reliably, you can use the DS' shoulder buttons). When a page is opened, it is displayed on the upper screen of the DS, and displays text that explains plot and mechanical information about the term to orient players whether they have played the GBA Golden Sun games or not. It should be noted that not all entries appear as a result of spoken dialogue; some are added upon entering a new town, acquiring a new item, or following a cut scene. In addition, many entries are updated as you proceed through the game, some more than once. One can read these "silent" entries or updates by either opening the encyclopedia or waiting for it to come up it conversation.

In addition to the Encyclopedia, Dark Dawn introduces the Djinn Guide. The Djinn Guide is basically the same as the Encyclopedia except that it is exclusively for Djinn, as the title suggests.

Dark Dawn's Encyclopedia[edit]

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn contains a total of 179 Encyclopedia entries. This page documents the contents of every entry in the game. Entries marked with an asterisk (*) have pictures, and since the encyclopedia updates itself, entries are written from the latest point in the game.

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.


  1. Adepts: Those who can use Psynergy are known as Adepts. Adepts are the rare descendants of an ancient culture that has long since passed. Wind Adepts are especially rare.
  2. Alchemy: The force of the four elemental powers and the study of how they combine to create reality is known as Alchemy. The ancients sealed away the force of Alchemy, and the Warriors of Vale went on their Golden Sun quest to restore Alchemy.
  3. Alchemy Dynamo: This ancient Alchemy Machine sealed the Eclipse Tower in the Belinsk ruins. After being reactivated with the Magma Orb, it causes the Grave Eclipse.
  4. Alchemy Forge: This ancient machine was built by the Neox and is powered by the element of fire. The machine can be put in reverse with the Cold Snap Psynergy from the Ice Queen Stone.
  5. Alchemy Well: This ancient machine was built by the Neox to create water in vast quantities. The machine can be put in reverse with the Arid Heat Psynergy from the Sand Prince Stone.
  6. Anemos: This tribe of Wind Adepts is said to have raised its ancient city into the sky, where its underside is visible as the moon. All modern Wind Adepts are thought to be descended from the Anemos.
  7. Angara: This continent is in upper Weyard. It is divided by long mountain ranges that make travel between its regions difficult. The northern side of Angara is cold, while the southern part is very dry. Mount Aleph and the Goma Plateau are in the west.
  8. Apollo Lens: This ancient machine amplifies light. It concentrates and magnifies light into a beam of astounding intensity. Concerned that its power might fall into the wrong hands, the ancient Jenei sealed it away in Apollo Sanctum.
  9. Arangoa Prelude: This ancient musical incantation has no sheet music-each of the six parts is given by a master musician to one apprentice. When played, the music mesmerizes any non-Adept who hears it. It also will open the secret entrance to the Belinsk ruins.
  10. * Arid Heat Psynergy: This fire-based Psynergy can evaporate a water source in the blink of an eye.
  11. * Ayuthay: This is the country of master stoneworkers-descendants of the Exathi. The waters from its Alchemy Well have restored its fortunes.
  12. Barai Pond: This man-made pool was built by the Ayuthay. It serves as a reservoir for runoff water from the Alchemy Well. At the bottom is an underwater temple containing untold treasures.
  13. Beastmen: This is the term applied to the people and animals that were transformed into hybrid forms by the Golden Sun. Besides their altered appearance, some beastmen are said to possess strange powers that humans cannot gain.
  14. * Belinsk: This fortress city is the capital of Morgal, the country of the beastmen. The ancient ruins on the surface conceal the Eclipse Tower below.
  15. Bilibin: Once a small town, Bilibin has grown since the time of the Golden Sun to the point that it's now a country. While supposedly governed by the McCoy men, it's rumored that the queen actually is ruling the realm.
  16. * Border Town: This town is the major crossing point between Morgal and Bilibin.
  17. * Carver's Camp: This lumberjack camp stands at one end of a valley that leads through the Goma Mountains to Bilibin and the rest of the continent beyond.
  18. * Champa: This seafaring nation has a long tradition of piracy. Despite their reputation as seagoing thugs, the Champa people have a strong national pride.
  19. * Cold Snap Psynergy: This water-based Psynergy produces an arctic chill. By focusing its power on a specific point, the user can turn a water source into a pillar of ice.
  20. Craggy Peak: This mountain was once home to the Neox. Their ancient but highly advanced civilization created many remarkable devices. The Neox were wiped out when Alchemy was sealed away. Their legacy lives on in the form of ruins that dot the mountain.
  21. * Crush Psynergy: This fire-based Psynergy strikes an object with great force. It can be used on cracked boulders and weakened floors to shatter them.
  22. * Crush Tusk: This relic of Sludge retains some of his destructive power. It can be worn to gain the Crush Psynergy.


  1. Djinni: A Djinni is a creature of pure elemental energy. Adepts use Djinn to enhance their own powers and summon spirits. Djinn fall into four elemental categories: Mars (fire), Mercury (water), Venus (earth), and Jupiter (wind).
  2. * Douse Psynergy: This water-based Psynergy conjures a small storm cloud that can extinguish fires and fill small cavities with water.
  3. * Dream Leaf: These leaves grant pleasant dreams to those who eat them. They grow from a rare tree in Kolima, and people travel far to buy them.
  4. Dream Tree: This is the source of the dream leaves that grant pleasant dreams. It is also one of the great trees that Kolima Village is build into. Hermes' Water has cured the disease that ravaged the Dream Tree, and its leaves are again healthy.
  5. Eastern Sea: This great sea lies to the east of Angara and includes both the Otka Sea and the Sana Sea within its expanse. In the wake of the Golden Sun event, it was separated into northern and southern regions.
  6. * Echo Gems: These gems are only useful in pairs. Each taps into its holder's life force to emit light and communicate with the other stone.
  7. Eclipse Tower: This ancient edifice is sealed away in the Belinsk ruins. It radiates power in a manner similar to the Elemental Lighthouses. It was sealed away because of the forbidden energies associated with it.
  8. Ei-Jei: This is a general term for the region in the southeast part of Angara that includes Ayuthay, Kaocho, Sana, and Champa. It is generally a sophisticated and prosperous area. This prosperity can be traced to several Alchemy Machines.
  9. Elemental Lighthouse: There are four of these towers that sent their beams of elemental energy over Mount Aleph to cause the Golden Sun event. This released the force of Alchemy, which had been sealed away by the ancients, back into the world of Weyard.
  10. Elemental Star: These four crystals, the keys to starting the Elemental Lighthouses, were once sealed up in Sol Sanctum by the ancients. Thirty years ago, the crystals were taken from the sanctum and used in the quest to cause the Golden Sun event.
  11. Elements: Elements -such as those of earth, wind, water, and fire- are the building blocks of matter, and promote natural growth. When the Elemental Lighthouses were lit, elemental power surged back into the world, making the use of Alchemy possible again.
  12. Endless Wall: This massive, ancient edifice divides Ei-Jei and Morgal. Its origin and purpose are largely unknown. The wall extends west from Sana into the heart of Angara and ends at Apollo Sanctum.
  13. Exathi: This ancient people gained the respect of the world -and even the Jenei- with their great craftsmanship. Though the Exathi had no Psynergy, their skill made them partners with the Jenei in creating things that used elemental power.
  14. * Fireball Psynergy: This fire-based Psynergy focuses heat energy into a ball of flame that the user can throw to incinerate a target.
  15. Fori: In ancient days, the Fori were those who had neither Psynergy of the Jenei nor the craftsmanship of the Exathi. The word itself -Fori- even seems to be an ancient insult that meant "simple people."


  1. Gabomba Statue: This huge statue was revered by a village in central Gondowan. The statue was the entrance to a vast clockwork labyrinth that was powered by Psynergy.
  2. * Glyph Book: This tome is a primer to the lost language of the ancients. It was kept safe in Konpa so that future generations could learn its legacy.
  3. Golden Sun: This powerful explosion happened above Mount Aleph 30 years ago, releasing elemental energy throughout Weyard. Though the Golden Sun event brought the dying world back to life, the magnitude of the power released has caused disasters.
  4. * Goma Mountains: This range divides the Vale refugees from the rest of Angara. Isaac's cabin is on a plateau that is part of the new highlands raised up by the Golden Sun.
  5. Gondowan: This vast continent is south of Angara. The Warriors of Vale famously traveled to Gondowan to light the Venus Lighthouse. This continent, once joined by land to Angara, has since split away due to the seismic effects of the Golden Sun.
  6. Grave Eclipse: This terrifying phenomenon is caused by the Eclipse Tower. While the tower swallows up all light, monsters of shadow reign. The Eclipse Tower doesn't merely obstruct light, it actually absorbs it, though what this might portend is unclear.
  7. Great Serpent: This fierce dragon, more formally known as the Great Serpent of Mikage, slept in Mount Mikage on the island of Nihan. When the Venus Lighthouse was lit, the dragon awoke. Using sunlight to weaken it, the Warriors of Vale slew the beast.
  8. * Grip Crystal: This Jenei artifact was hidden in the Konpa ruins. It must be equipped to gain Grip Psynergy.
  9. * Grip Psynergy: This earth-based Psynergy can grasp faraway objects and bring them close. It can also carry the user across some gaps.
  10. * Growth Psynergy: This earth-based Psynergy causes plants to grow rapidly, sometimes creating climbable vines to new locations.
  11. * Harapa: This former ruin has been rejuvenated into a thriving city since the Golden Sun event. Elemental energy now flows throughout Harapa
  12. * Harun Village: This small village on Harun Island is home to some ancient ruins with a legacy of traditions. It is famous for the local seaweed.
  13. * Hermes' Water: This water is from a spring in Imil. It has the power to heal and revive any living thing.
  14. Ice Queen: This cruel woman was once imprisoned in a gemstone, luring men who were foolish enough to be attracted by her beauty. Her freezing powers helped revive the Harapa area from near ruin.
  15. * Ice Queen Stone: This gem was created by the ancient Neox. It is the key to gaining the power to put the Alchemy Forge in reverse.
  16. Imil: This snowy northern land is home to the Mercury Lighthouse and its protectors, the Mercury Clan. Hermes' Water flows naturally from the local springs, a product of the lighthouse's elemental influence.
  17. Indra: This continent was where the Warriors of Vale found the ship that allowed them to sail around the world. Indra was once east of Gondowan, but the seismic effects of the Golden Sun have pushed it far from that continent.
  18. * Insight Glass: This Jenei artifact is Ayuthay's most treasured possession. It has consciousness and chose Amiti as its master.
  19. * Insight Psynergy: This water-based Psynergy allows the user to view the true solution required, among other deeper views.
  20. Izumo: This village once rested upon Nihan, but it was destroyed by massive tsunamis that flooded it. It was once terrorized by a monstrous dragon called the Great Serpent until the Warriors of Vale slew the beast.


  1. Jenei: In ancient times, those who could use Psynergy were known as the Jenei. With powers and their understanding of Alchemy, the Jenei created a great civilization, which all faded when Alchemy proved too dangerous for the ancient world.
  2. Jupiter Lighthouse: This lighthouse provided the wind energy that combined with the other three elements to power the force of Alchemy. This tower is now in western Gondowan's Atteka region and was one of the four that were lit to trigger the Golden Sun event.
  3. * Kaocho: This powerful nation was founded by King Wo, who covets the treasures of the Wi-Jei region and wages war against Passaj and Ayuthay.
  4. Karagol Sea: This vast inland sea once was a vital crossing between Angara and Gondowan. After the two continents were split from each other by the Golden Sun, the Karagol Sea became joined to the ocean.
  5. Khiren Mountains: This massive mountain range separates Ei-Jei in the south of Angara from Morgal in the north. Its tall, snowcapped ridge seems to go on forever, and the Khiren Glacier is nestled among its highest peaks.
  6. Kolima Forest: This mysterious forest is in northeastern Angara. Isaac's old friend, Tret, can be found somewhere among its trees.
  7. * Kolima Village: This town is essentially built into the four great trees that comprise it. Its troubled history leads neighboring folk to think of it as cursed.
  8. Konpa Ruins: These ruins are thought to have been a major center where ancient Adepts could share ideas with visitors. Little else is known about this mysterious location, which only came to light after the Golden Sun.
  9. Kraken: This giant squid plagued the Karagol Sea, capsizing all ships that fell into its grip. While sailing across the Karagol, the Warriors of Vale slew the vicious squid.
  10. Laurel: This member of the Waelda tribe is one of the guardians of Kolima Forest, along with Tret. Her emissary, Pewter, has some trouble remembering his manners.
  11. Lemuria: This legendary island city is home to an advanced civilization isolated from the world by surrounding and ever-present mists. Time passes slowly for its citizens, who sometimes travel the world in powerful ships of distinctive design.
  12. * Luna Mask: This ancient artifact puts the Alchemy Well into operation. It is a silvery, shining mask crafted by the ancient people of Passaj.


  1. * Magma Orb: This object powers the Alchemy Dynamo. It appears as a jewel that pulses with power. It is found inside the body of the Mountain Roc.
  2. Mars Lighthouse: This lighthouse provided the fire energy that combined with the other three elements to power the force of Alchemy. This tower is now in the lands north of Angara and was one of the four that were lit to trigger the Golden Sun event.
  3. Mercury Lighthouse: This lighthouse provided the water energy that combined with the other three elements to power the force of Alchemy. This tower is in the Imil region of Angara and was one of the four that were lit to trigger the Golden Sun event.
  4. Mind Read Psynergy: This wind-based Psynergy allows the user to listen to the thoughts and strong emotions of people and animals. Only very specialized wind Adepts, such as Ivan and Sheba can master this esoteric technique.
  5. Morgal: This country occupies the northeastern part of Angara, with the capital city of Belinsk at the center. Morgal is home to many wonders, from the tree village of Kolima to the ancient dock facilities of Port Rago.
  6. Mount Aleph: This mountain, home to Sol Sanctum, was mostly destroyed when the Golden Sun effect exploded above it. The mountain once stood over the town of Vale, which was obliterated by that cataclysmic event 30 years ago.
  7. Mountain Roc: These gigantic birds are so rarely seen that they're beyond legendary. A single feather can provide enough material to help craft a soarwing.
  8. Mourning Moon: This immense Psynergy Vortex once unleashed unimaginable destruction in the center of Angara. The misery it caused was so widespread, it became known as the Mourning Moon.
  9. * Move Psynergy: This earth-based Psynergy allows the user to move objects along the ground. Objects far too heavy for human hands can be moved with little effort.
  10. Neox: The Jenei ruled all civilization with their powers. Those who lived in what is now called Craggy Peak were called the Neox. The Neox worked with the Exathi to create the Alchemy Machines. But when Alchemy vanished from the world, so did the Neox.
  11. Nihan: This eastern island was once home to the village of Izumo before it was flooded. The surviving villagers founded Yamata City. The dominant feature of the island was Mount Mikage (also called Gaia Rock), which was home to the Great Serpent.
  12. Osenia: This large continent is far to the south, across the ocean from Angara. The Warriors of Vale crossed its desert expanse and scaled its immense Air's Rock plateau using wind-based Psynergy.
  13. Otka Sea: This eastern sea lies between Port Rago and Yamata City. It is quite dangerous, with rough waters and deadly monsters. The only ships that consistently survive crossing it are those made in Port Rago.
  14. Ouroboros: This labyrinth below the new Kaocho Palace was built by the ancient ancestors of those living in Ayuthay. It is said to hold an important mask that is a critical piece of ancient machinery.


  1. * Passaj: The Exathi descendants in this town mine the floating ore, zol. Passaj is said to have gotten its name because it is, or was, a mountain passage of some sort.
  2. * Patcher's Place: This general store serves up just about everything refugees from Vale might need to survive. A small settlement is huddled around the store.
  3. * Port Rago: This harbor is home to proud shipwrights in he ancient Exathi tradition. The docks there are a beautiful heirloom of the town's distant past.
  4. Poseidon: This sea god stood in the way of all those who tried to sail past him. The Warriors of Vale had to acquire the Trident of Ankohl in order to breach Poseidon's invulnerability.
  5. Psynergy: Controlling the elements with the mind is known as using Psynergy. Those who use Psynergy are called Adepts-masters over earth, wind, fire, and water. Many effects are possible through the use of Psynergy.
  6. Psynergy Stone: This is a Psynergy-rich mineral that forms over many years as elemental power slowly crystallizes. Adepts can regain Psynergy Points by touching a stone, which then shatters.
  7. Psynergy Vortex: These are distortions in space that suck the elemental energy out of the world-and from Adepts. They're thought to be an aftereffect caused by the Golden Sun event.


  1. * Saha: This town rests on the former marshland made habitable by Kolima Village's migration. It is a popular stop for people wanting to buy dream leaves.
  2. Sana: This country makes up the eastern part of the Ei-Jei region. It used to be a fearsome and aggressive colonial power. After Emperor Ko's death, Sana fell into a deadly civil war of succession. Unan, who desired unity, was eventually crowned.
  3. Sanan People: The Sanan people have spread from their homeland, Sana, throughout much of Angara-including Kaocho and Morgal. Their original country has been both an aggressor and a peacekeeper throughout the history of Angara.
  4. Sanan Sea: This body of water in the southeast of Morgal borders Sana and Champa. A number of valuable trade routes run through it. Where there are trade ships, there is piracy. Eoleo in particular has made himself the scourge of the region.
  5. Sand Prince: This legendary man, whose powers are based in fire, has been sealed in the Sand Prince Stone since the era of the ancients. He has waited below Ayuthay for someone worthy enough to claim the gemstone, for it holds a great power.
  6. * Sand Prince Stone: This gem was created by the ancient Neox. It is the key to gaining the power to put the Alchemy Well in reverse.
  7. * Search Psynergy: This earth-based Psynergy is unique to Himi. It allows her to discover hidden objects and other secrets.
  8. * Slap Glove: This glove creates the same effect as the Slap Psynergy unique to beastmen. Even those without Psynergy powers can use this treasure of Morgal.
  9. * Slap Psynergy : This wind-based Psynergy conjures a blast of air with unusual properties. It's good for knocking things around or waking up sleeping people.
  10. Sludge: This monster was born from the angry spirits of the creatures killed when the Golden Sun event relocated Kolima Village. Its curse altered the Dream Tree to produce nightmare-causing leaves.
  11. * Soarwing: The feather of a Mountain Roc is what gives this invention its gliding power. If trained, Adepts can use a soarwing to fly high with precision.
  12. * Sol Mask: This ancient relic is required for operating the Alchemy Forge. This golden mask was crafted by the ancient Exathi of Passaj.
  13. Sol Sanctum: This ancient temple hidden in Mount Aleph was said to be the birthplace of Alchemy and the repository for the Elemental Stars. After the stars were used to start the Elemental Lighthouses, creating the Golden Sun, the resulting havoc ruined the temple.
  14. * Spirit Sense Psynergy: This wind-based Psynergy allows users to read minds. Only Sveta can wield this power, though Ivan and Sheba were known to use a similar ability.
  15. Tanglewood: This forest is said to transform at night, changing into a wood that ensnares those brave-or foolish-enough to enter it after dark.
  16. * Te Rya: This nomadic tent village is located in the snowy Khiren Mountains. Its people survive by staying mobile and following their flocks of sheep and goats.
  17. Teppe Ruins: This ancient home of the Jenei Adepts was built into the northern face of the Khiren Mountains. Time has not been kind to the Teppe ruins, and the Golden Sun event damaged them further. They crumble a little more each day.
  18. * Thermal Psynergy: This fire-based Psynergy creates a warm updraft strong enough to lift the user up to otherwise inaccessible heights.
  19. Third Eye: This white gem was sealed away inside the Watchtower of Warrior's Hill. The Adept it chooses can use it for a third eye and see the unseen.
  20. * Tonfon: This city is capital of Sana. It is known for its exquisite architecture as well as being a center of fishing and commerce
  21. * Track Psynergy: This Psynergy heightens a user's sense of smell, making it possible to detect faint odors and track them back to their source.
  22. * Tree Flute: This flute is said to be made from ancient trees that once grew near Ayuthay Castle. Its craftsmanship is undeniably old.
  23. Tret: This is an old friend of Isaac's who lives in Kolima Forest. Apparently he has useful information about Mountain Rocs.
  24. Tuaparang: This enigmatic nation has great scientific and military prowess. They fly in a giant airship, giving them the name "Zenith Tribe." They are obviously interested in all things related to Alchemy, including ancient devices and Psynergy Vortexes.
  25. Umbra Gear: These five items were left by the Jenei for their descendants in the event of another Grave Eclipse. When worn, this equipment shield s the wearer from the power of light, though only beastmen are able to use it.
  26. * Umbra Map: This weathered map of Morgal was left by the Jenei so that their descendants could find the Umbra Gear.
  27. Vale: This village lay at the foot of Mount Aleph until the Golden Sun event, when Aleph exploded, devastating the area. The people of Vale have settled elsewhere, with most making their home around the new Goma Plateau and the Goma Mountains.
  28. Venus Lighthouse: This lighthouse provided the earth energy that combined with the other three elements to power the force of Alchemy. This tower is in Gondowan and was one of the four that were lit to trigger the Golden Sun event.


  1. Waelda: These plant-based beings live for many human generations and gather immense knowledge over their long lives. Certain Waelda tribesmen, such as Tret and Laurel, have gained enough wisdom to be deified and known as enlightened trees.
  2. Wards: These ancient systems protect the ruins beneath Belinsk by replicating the will of the Warden of the North, a Jenei official. The systems test Adepts who wish to enter, and only those who pass are allowed access to the Alchemy Dynamo's core.
  3. Warriors of Vale: This group of Adepts saved the world by unsealing the force of Alchemy and causing the Golden Sun event 30 years ago. But because that event also brought mass destruction, the Warriors of Vale are widely seen as a controversial group.
  4. Watchtower: This legendary building sits atop Warrior's hill on Harun Island, waiting for worthy champions. The Third Eye, a countermeasure against the eventual awakening of Luna Tower, rests here.
  5. Weyard: The world of Weyard is a flat, disklike planet composed of four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. The elemental forces of Alchemy, once sealed away, have returned to Weyard, bringing new life-but also destruction.
  6. * Whirlwind Psynergy: This wind-based Psynergy summons a small tornado. Light objects may be blown away by the wind. The whirlwind also pushes the user back slightly.
  7. Wise One: This absolute being looks like a floating boulder with one central eye. He watches over Weyard and holds unimaginable power. The Wise One is now known to be what the ancients called a Philosopher's Stone, a creature they forged through Alchemy.
  8. * Yamata City: This city is the primary settlement on Nihan. Its culture is centered around spirituality, with many prayer shrines.
  9. * Zol: This unique mineral, also called "floating stone," floats in the air when touched by the wind. It can be melted down to create a floating gas.


  1. Matthew: This young man is a promising Earth Adept, just like his father was when he started his adventures 30 years ago. And just like Isaac, who led the famous Warriors of Vale, Matthew is a person of few words but strong convictions.
  2. Karis: This young Wind Adept has long known Matthew and Tyrell, often visiting them at their Goma Plateau cabin. Her father, Ivan, was a Warrior of Vale. She has inherited her father's indomitable spirit and powers of observation.
  3. Tyrell: This young man is a Fire Adept, following in the footsteps of his father, Garet. He has lived up to his reputation for being a troublemaker by crashing the soarwing-the event which has propelled the heroes into action.
  4. Isaac: This Earth Adept left his hometown of Vale over 30 years ago-and returned to find it destroyed by the Golden Sun event. He lives in a cabin that looks upon distant Mount Aleph, where he trains his son, Matthew, in the use of Psynergy.
  5. Garet: This old friend of Isaac's fought alongside him as a Warrior of Vale in the events leading to the Golden Sun phenomenon. He is Tyrell's father and a Fire Adept just like his son. He lives near Mount Aleph, helping Isaac monitor the area.
  6. Ivan: This Warrior of Vale traveled with Isaac during their quests 30 years ago. He now lives in the nearby land of Kalay. He and his daughter, Karis, are Wind Adepts, descendants of the Anemos, an old civilization thought long gone.
  7. Felix: Another one of Vale's Earth Adepts led a second party that joined up with Isaac's group in the days before the Golden Sun. Felix's sister, Jenna, and the scholar Kraden were others from Vale in his party. He left his homeland-and has not been seen since.
  8. Patcher: This Vale refugee has built a large general store and inn for fellow survivors of the Golden Sun event. Though not exactly a mayor, Patcher is the closest thing to a leader this outpost has.
  9. Kraden: This old scholar is one of Weyard's foremost authorities on Alchemy, Psynergy, and ancient cultures. He traveled with the Warriors of Vale, and he now conducts his research with two young apprentices.
  10. Carver: This leader of the lumberjack camp is known as Carver, though as an old Vale refugee, it is unknown whether he's always been called that-or just loves his job. He never shies away from a task at hand, which sometimes worries his men.
  11. Nowell: This young woman is one of Kraden's two highly promising Alchemy students, along with her brother, Rief. She has immense respect for her mentor and spends most of her time studying ancient ruins and artifacts with him.
  12. Rief: This Water Adept has traveled the world with his teacher, Kraden, studying Alchemy and other traces of the ancient world. Rief is the son of Mia, a Water Adept who traveled with the Warriors of Vale.
  13. Blados: This Tuaparang commander is a master swordsman constantly looking for a fight. He works closely with Chalis in manipulating Matthew's group to accomplish their own sinister goals.
  14. Nhamu: This fortune-teller peers into the distant future by gazing into her crystal ball. She and her partner, Nhemo, provide their psychic talents in the city of Harapa.
  15. Nhemo: This fortune-teller probes the near future by looking into the calm waters in her golden bowl. She and her parter, Nhamu, provide their psychic talents in the city of Harapa.
  16. Sheba: This Warrior of Vale helped Felix and his compatriots trigger the Golden Sun. She is a brave ally and a skilled Wind Adept. While her actual origins are still unknown, some say she is a child of the gods, since she literally fell out of the sky as a baby.
  17. Bogho: This elder of Passaj, like all descendants of the ancient Exathi, is a blacksmith of great craftsmanship. He is stubborn and short-tempered but devoted to protecting his people, especially against incursions from Kaocho.
  18. Baghi: This young man helps his grandfather, Bogho, look after Passaj. He lost his parents at an early age and has since devoted himself to serving his people, which has won him the friendship of Ayuthay's Amiti.
  19. Amiti: This prince of Ayuthay long thought he was a miracle born purely of his mother's powers. King Paithos has revealed the truth. His mother had no powers, and Amiti has inherited his Water Adept abilities from a strong Adept whose identity is a mystery.
  20. Ku-Embra: This younger of the two Kaocho generals, who passed during the Grave Eclipse, was celebrated for his swordsmanship. His restless spirit lingers, caught within the earthly realm.
  21. Ku-Tsung: This older of the two Kaocho generals, who passed during the Grave Eclipse, was renowned for his tactical leadership. His frustrated spirit still lingers, caught within the earthly realm.
  22. King Wo: The military-minded ruler founded the new country of Kaocho in the name of his home empire, Sana. He spends his days plotting how to take over more of Ei-Jei and has mysteriously built his palace upon ancient ruins.
  23. Kan-Shuku: This cabinet minister in King Wo's court oversees Kaocho's military efforts in Passaj and Ayuthay. Kan-Shuku has grown frustrated by the failures of his troops, and he fears King Wo's growing displeasure.
  24. Meisa: This woman is the assistant to King Wo's advisor, Kan-Shuku. In practice, however, Meisa is the one who keeps King Wo's court on course. Her shrewd insights have earned her a permanent place next to his throne.
  25. Chalis: This Tuaparang agent uses her enchanting wiles to bewitch King Wo and manipulate Kaocho form behind the throne. She is partnered with Blados, subtly pushing Matthew and his friends to accomplish their goals.
  26. Paithos: This ruler of Ayuthay has presided over a new era of prosperity brought by the restarting of Ayuthay's Alchemy Well. He has sheltered his people from attack by ordering everyone into the underground part of his city. He is Amiti's uncle.
  27. Veriti: This Ayuthay has long been heralded as an Adept who worked miracles. King Paithos is one of few who know the truth: a mystery man whom she was in love with was truly this Adept. She died not long after giving birth to his child, Amiti.
  28. Ryu Kou: This member of the Sanon royal family triggered the Grave Eclipse in the hopes of saving his sister, Hou Ju. After his father was killed in Morgal's revolt, he escaped into Te Rya village with his sister and Hou Zan.
  29. Hou Zan: This elderly man was Ryu Kou's tutor, mentor, and friend. His calm, rational manner balanced his pupil's fiery nature. Despite his age, Hou Zan was a master of martial arts. He died defending Ryu Kou and Hou Ju during the Grave Eclipse.
  30. Hou Ju: This young girl is Ryu Kou's sister. She was held prisoner in Belinsk in the aftermath of Morgal's revolution. She seems to inspire a fierce devotion in all who know her, as evidenced by her brother and the villagers of Te Rya.
  31. Sveta: This beastman is part of the Czamaral clan, royal family of Morgal. She is King Volechek's younger sister. Her unique powers let her read minds and render scents visible. In battle, she can transform into a ferocious beast.
  32. Volechek: This leader of beastmen is the king of Morgal and Sveta's older brother. His long war with Sana and Bilibin has driven his anger and desperation, causing him to activate Luna Tower.
  33. Lord McCoy: This ruler of Bilibin got his start as the mayor of a small town. Over the years, it has grown into a full-fledged kingdom. While Lord McCoy is the ruler of his domain, there are widespread rumors that his wife plans to put her son on the throne.
  34. Eoleo: This young pirate has succeeded his father, Briggs, as the scourge of the Eastern Sea. As a Fire Adept, Eoleo has an edge in piracy.
  35. Vande: This musician is a member of Belinsk's popular minstrel troupe, the only band capable of performing "Arangoa Prelude". He spends much time traveling in his search for musical inspiration, so he is known throughout Morgal.
  36. Jenna: This Fire Adept was a Warrior of Vale who fought at Felix's side. She currently resides in Kalay, along with other Vale survivors. While her son Matthew's powers are inherited from his father, he did get her bright and determined spirit.
  37. Briggs: This grizzled sailor was the de facto ruler of the notorious Champa pirates and father of Eoleo. His bravery saved Eoleo, but he was killed by monsters during the Grave Eclipse. He died a hero aboard his beloved ship.
  38. Piers: This Water Adept from the remote civilization of Lemuria joined Felix's party in his quest to ignite the lighthouses. He now sails the world in his ancient ship, investigating mysterious phenomena.
  39. Mia: This Warrior of Vale traveled with Isaac. She is a Water Adept whose powers were inherited by her son, Rief. She is descended from the Mercury Clan, keepers of the Elemental Lighthouse of the same name.
  40. Arcanus: This Adept's machinations were largely responsible for the Golden Sun event, which granted him tremendous power. While he currently cooperates with the Tuaparang, his goals in doing so remain mysterious.
  41. Ikan: This storyteller is the historian of Harun Village. His duty is to direct brave champions to Warrior's Hill. He is much beloved for his stories by the village children, including his grandson, Kaba.
  42. Kaba: This boy is the grandson of Ikan, storyteller of Harun Village. When his father was wounded during a shipwreck caused by the eclipse, he carried the injured man to safety.
  43. Himi: This young girl is daughter to Susa and Kushinada of Yamata. She is also an Earth Adept chosen to bear the Third Eye. Despite her youth and relative inexperience, she possesses powerful Psynergy and can see into the future.
  44. Susa: This king of Yamata is father to Himi and Takeru and husband to Kushinada. He was a hero of Izumo in his youth. While the younger Susa was wild and uncontrollable, age has mellowed him, and he has earned the respect of his subjects.
  45. Kushinada: This queen of Yamata is the mother of Himi and Takeru. She has taken ill, exhausted by constant prayer.
  46. Takeru: This courageous warrior is the son of Susa and Kushinada, making him the prince of Yamata and heir apparent. After his sister, Himi, had a vision of the world in peril, he went abroad on an important mission.
  47. Uzume: This Earth Adept was sister to Susa and the de facto ruler of Izumo before the village was destroyed by tsunamis. She died of an illness shortly after shepherding her people to Yamata.
  48. Emperor Unan: This wise and educated monarch rules Sana from the capital of Tonfon. He succeeded the warlike Emperor Ko after a bloody civil war, uniting and bringing peace to his war-torn country.
  49. Emperor Ko: This warmongering tyrant was once emperor of Sana and known as the Dread Emperor for his aggressive expansionism. On his death, a civil war in Sana eventually crowned Unan as the new emperor, bringing much-needed peace to the region.
  50. Lady Hinechou: This Sanan royal is mother to Ryu Kou and Hou Ju. She has at last been reunited with her children and lives with them in Tonfon.
  51. Lord Kuan: This former lord of Morgal was father to Ryu Kou and Hou Ju. He was killed in battle against Volechek. While he lost his domain and life to the beastmen, he did manage to arrange for his children to escape.
  52. Obaba: This formidable Champan lady is Briggs's grandmother. She is respected (and occasionally feared) by her countrymen. She is descended from the ancient Ankohl civilization, and she maintains their advanced blacksmithing tradition.
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