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Meisa (メイサ, Meisa) is the assistant to cabinet minister Kan-Shuku in the court of King Wo of Kaocho. She appears as an NPC in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Though just the assistant to Kan-Shuku, Meisa is the one who keeps King Wo's court on course. Her shrewd insights have earned her a permanent place next to his throne. She writes and gives King Wo's letter of approval to Matthew's group of Adepts so that they may go to Ayuthay for him.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Meisa is an indispensable part of King Wo's court.
  • In Kaocho Palace:
Meisa: "King Wo, if I may beg you to listen to the letter, to ensure it lives up to the measure of Your Majesty!"
King Wo: "Yes, yes. Get on with it then."
Meisa: (Reading off her letter) "To Ku-Tsung, general of the Kaocho army: The courier of this letter, Matthew, has pledged his loyalty to our royal cause. This loyal servant and his companions have sworn to use their Psynergy to help you crush Ayuthay. -Wo, King of Kaocho"
King Wo: "Well...I think "annihilate Ayuthay" would have captured my sentiment better. But, yes, the letter is fine."
Chalis: "So Adepts, you want to explore the Ouroboros? To steal its relic for yourself, perhaps? Let's oblige them, Your Highness."
Meisa: "Ah, Chalis, you ARE a viper. Yes, I agree. Let's get them to the Ouroboros-posthaste!"
Meisa: "The time for talk is over. You have vexed King Wo."