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Kan-Shuku is the cabinet minister in the court of King Wo of Kaocho. He appears as an NPC in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Kan-Shuku (カンシュク, Kanshuku) oversees Kaocho's military efforts in Passaj and Ayuthay. He has grown frustrated by the failures of his troops, and he fears King Wo's growing displeasure.


Kan-Shuku pulls the lever for the trap door in King Wo's throne room on his liege's say-so to remove unsatisfactory guests.
  • In Kaocho Palace:
Meisa: "If I may speak, my king? The Adepts will be worth their weight in gold, if they can breach the Ouroboros."
Kan-Shuku: "That's what Chalis has promised, Meisa, but I still don't know why we trust this foreigner."
Chalis: "My dear Kan-Shuku, I know far more than you ever will."
Kan-Shuku: "How DARE you!"
Kan-Shuku: "What? And now you summon your own guards, Chalis! You go too far!"
King Wo: "Now, Chalis, tell me exactly who are little visitors ARE."
Kan-Shuku: "Let me do the honors, Your Majesty! These are Adepts!"
Chalis: "You bumbling toadie, Kan-Shuku-you really know nothing at all. These are quite...exceptional Adepts."
Tyrell: "Don't tell me you're eager to dive into this whole mess, Matthew. These guys sound pure evil!"
Kan-Shuku: (To Chalis) "They don't realize what an honor it is to serve the great King Wo. I think they're even refusing you."
Kan-Shuku: "Dispose of the garbage!"


Kan-Shuku is the Japanese pronunciation of Gansu, a Chinese province close to the Xian.