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Ikan is the head storyteller of Harun Village.

Ikan is extremely knowledgeable about ancient legends and prophecies, and often tells villagers stories about them. However, he becomes worried and depressed when his son and his grandson, Kaba, go missing at the onset of the Grave Eclipse. After Matthew's party safely rescues them, Ikan is informed of the group by Kaba, who tells Ikan about the Adept's powers. When Matthew's party arrives at Ikan's home, he requests to see this power. Matthew would oblige by using the Move Psynergy on a nearby crate, at which time Ikan was able to see the "light" that Kaba had described, an ability noted to be unusual.

Convinced of the group's abilities, Ikan tells the group of prophecies relating to the Grave Eclipse. In particular, he informs them of the history of Warrior's Hill, which has a treasure that will allow them to find some way to combat the newly unleashed Grave Eclipse. Warrior's Hill had originally been buried beneath the ground, but had risen as the Grave Eclipse began. Ikan gives Matthew the Watchtower Key needed to explore Warrior's Hill and sends the group on their way.

Like his grandson, Kaba, Ikan is somehow able to physically see Psynergy as "Light". Matthew's party notes that it is normally impossible for non-Adepts to see Psynergy. Thus, it is possible that Ikan is an Adept unaware of his abilities. If Ikan is not an Adept, then he possesses a rare ability not previously seen in the series.


  • In Harun Village:
Ikan: "I'm the village storyteller, but since my son and little grandson, Kaba, went missing, I've been too worried to tell my stories."
Ikan: "Ah, it's the warriors who saved my son and grandson! I thank you most humbly."
Kraden: "All right, we'll need more information. What can you tell us about the tower itself?"
Ikan: "Nothing. I'm the village storyteller for an island you've probably never heard of before. What else do you want from me?" (Ikan and Kraden exchange frowns for a moment, but soon start laughing)
Kraden: "Hahahahaha! You have me there, sir!"
Ikan: "Heeheeheehee! I do what I can!"
Kraden: "Wahahahah!" / Ikan: "Nyeheheheheh!"
Kraden: "Ah, too rich!" / Ikan: "Ohoho, it hurts!"
Kraden: "Hee hee hee hee!" / Ikan: "Oh, someone make it stop!"
Sveta: "Umm..."
Kraden: "I like this old fellow!"
Ikan: "And I like you as well!"
Karis: "EXCUSE ME!"
Ikan: "I see that you will be the ones to watch over the world."