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The Neox (オロス Oros) were a tribe of people that were part of the Jenei, an ancient race of people that eventually gave rise to Adepts. The term "Neox" specifically referred to those Jenei who made their home on Craggy Peak in Angara. Using their mastery of Alchemy, the Neox, as well as the rest of the Jenei, ruled over all of ancient Weyard.

The tribe was known for its alliance with the Exathi, a non-Adept race who were noted as master craftsmen. Because of this alliance, the Neox held a strong connection with what is now Passaj, which was one of the main cities of the Exathi people.

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

The Neox cooperated with the Exathi of ancient Passaj to build the Alchemy Machine, the Alchemy Forge. The Forge was the key to a passageway, termed the Clouds of Passaj, that ran from Passaj to the Neox's home on Craggy Peak. The forge melted Zol to create the clouds that made up the passageway. As a symbol of their friendship with the Exathi, the Neox allowed the Exathi to utilize the forge for their own benefit, though certain safeguards were put into place to ensure that only the allies of the Neox could use the Forge. The Forge not only made Passaj into a fortress, but in combination with the Alchemy Well of Ayuthay, the Forge helped to provide water to the entire region. However, when Alchemy was sealed away, the Neox as a race vanished, rendering both Machines inoperable.

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The Neox's database entry reads as follows:

"The Jenei ruled all civilization with their powers. Those who lived in what is now called Craggy Peak were called the Neox. The Neox worked with the Exathi to create the Alchemy Machines. But when Alchemy vanished from the world, so did the Neox."