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Belinsk Castle

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An aerial view of Belinsk Castle

Belinsk Castle is accessible after completing Belinsk Ruins. It is the location where the player will rescue Hou Ju and Eoleo. It is also the home of the Czamaral Clan.


Belinsk Castle is the center of government for the country of Morgal, housing the Morgal royal family. The castle itself is built atop an extensive set of ruins, which could be entered directly from the castle. For a long time, however, only a small portion of the ruins were explorable and the passageway itself, known only to a select few. The castle is heavily guarded by soldiers and seems to employ a number of staff to serve the royal family.

Following the Morgal Revolution, where the native beastmen overthrew their Sanan occupiers, a young girl, Hou Ju, was captured and imprisoned in the castle's dungeon. At a later point, the Champan pirate Eoleo was also captured. Both were scheduled to be executed by boiling at an upcoming Festival. In reality, the captures had been orchestrated by Volechek and the Tuaparang commanders, Blados and Chalis as part of a bigger plot.

Sveta helps lead Matthew's party into Belinsk Castle to rescue Hou Ju, whom Volechek took captive.

At some later point, Matthew and his party of Adepts come to Belinsk during their quest in an attempt to rescue both Hou Ju and Eoleo. As the castle is otherwise impenetrable, the group is forced to enter and traverse the Belinsk Ruins via a hidden entrance. During their exploration, the entryway to the castle is cut off, forcing the group deeper into the ruins. It is only after the Adepts activate the ruins' hidden Alchemy Dynamo, which reveals a large tower, that the Adepts are able to exit. Astonishingly, the Adepts are then allowed to enter the castle and rescue both captives. As the group leaves the castle, the Grave Eclipse, an effect of the Tower's revival, begins, causing many monsters to appear and attack the city. While numerous casualties happen outside, those in the castle appear to be relatively safe.


The guards will say that the masked man gave the player permission to enter. Go in and take the stairs upwards. Hit the bell using Slap to distract the guard and get past him. Follow this path to a chest outside with some Beast Knuckles.

Return to the main door. The man here will tell the player that the girl is to the right, so go that way. Hou Ju is locked up here. Volechek will come in and offer to unlock her. Kraden, returning at this point, will talk to Volecheck for awhile. Kraden will advise the Sanan's to flee the city.

Grab the Apple from the jar in the cell and exit. Go down the left corridor and through the north door and grab 20 Coins from the jar here. Up the stairs you can find an Oil Drop from the left-hand jar. Go out the left exit and hit the cage with a good slap. Now go down the stairs and out the south exit to meet Eoleo.

Eoleo will notice Kraden and his distinct lake of aging, due to the Golden Sun event. After asking what the rush is, an Eclipse will happen.

Eoleo will join, but only temporarily. Kraden will than tell Matthew to get to the pier immediately. Once out of the castle, Sveta's Spirit Sense will activate on its own. The player will then see a scene with Volechek at the Belinsk Opera House. Kraden will then suggest going to the Opera House.



Oil Drop DD.png Oil Drop: Found in the leftmost pot on the second floor by going up the West staircase.
Apple DD.png Apple: Found in a pot in the second floor cell accessed by going up the East staircase.
Beast knuckles.gif Beast Knuckles: Found in the treasure chest at the top of the castle. (Access by using Slap on the bell in the second floor).
Coin DD.png 20 Coins: From the Apple, go down the left corridor and through the north door and grab the coins from the jar here.


  • If Belinsk Castle is reentered at the end of the game using an Action Replay, there are various NPCs inside that cannot be spoken to or Spirit Sensed. If you attempt to speak to a certain guard, he runs over to a door and bars entry. Behind the door is an NPC pacing aimlessly around.