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Beast Knuckles

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Beast knuckles.gif Beast Knuckles (DD)
The DS model of the Beast Knuckles
Trade Info
Weapon class Fist
Buy value 9200
Sell value 6900
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 120
First Unleash effect
Effect name Galactic Blow
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif x1.8
Side effect May inflict Sleep on the target
Second Unleash effect
Effect name Savage Raptor
Extra damage Star venus.gif x1.5
Side effect May inflict Venom on the target

The Beast Knuckles are a Fist-class weapon introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description by Game[edit]

The Beast Knuckles increases the wielder's base Attack by 120 points. It can be sold for 6900 coins and subsequently rebought for 9200 coins.

In Dark Dawn, the Beast Knuckles are found in a treasure chest atop Belinsk Castle, and are only accessible in the short period after the awakening of the Alchemy Dynamo but before the party leaves Belinsk on the ship. Like all Fist-class weapons, the Beast Knuckles are exclusive to the Jupiter Adept Sveta. It also possesses two Unleashes: Galactic Blow, which shows Sveta charging up for an colossal burst of star energy, and Savage Raptor, where Sveta starts a fierce punching combo and concludes it with a swoop kick. Galactic Blow converts all damage to Jupiter-based damage with a 1.7 damage multiplier and may also inflict Sleep. Savage Raptor converts her attack into Venus-based damage, multiplies damage by 1.5 and may inflict the target with Venom.


The Beast Knuckles serve as an immediate upgrade to the Brass Knuckles that Sveta joins with. However, their location means that many players may miss picking them up on their first playthrough. The 120 point attack increase is comparable to the weapons the rest of the party will possess. Additionally, the Beast Knuckles come with two Unleashes with solid damage multipliers. Placing Sveta in her unique Scrapper class series will allow her to make the most of the Beast Knuckles two Unleashes, as it will increase her Venus Power and maintain her naturally strong Jupiter Power.

In most cases, the Beast Knuckles will remain Sveta's weapon of choice until the Umbra Knuckles are found. While there are several other stronger Fists and Claws available before the end of the main plotline, they are either rare drops or forged items. As the Umbra Knuckles are required for the final dungeon, they are the most likely upgrade.

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