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Anpsi Knuckles

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Anpsi knuckles.gif Anpsi Knuckles (DD)
The DS model of the Anpsi Knuckles
Trade Info
Weapon class Fist
Buy value 14000
Sell value 10500
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 165
First Unleash effect
Effect name Force Cannon
Extra damage Star mars.gif x1.97
Side effect May Stun the target
Second Unleash effect
Effect name Feral Rush
Extra damage Star venus.gif x1.6
Side effect May heal the user by the amount of damage dealt
Third Unleash effect
Effect name Satellite Crash
Extra damage Star mars.gif x1.97
Side effect May reduce the target's Agility by 50%

Anpsi Knuckles are a Fist-class weapon introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description by Game[edit]

The Anpsi Knuckles increase the wielder's Attack by 165 points. As an Artifact the Anpsi Knuckles can be sold to any Vendor for 10500 coins and subsequently rebought for 14000 coins.

In Dark Dawn, are very rarely dropped by Grand Chimeras in Otka Island; defeating a Grand Chimera with an offensive Mercury Djinni will improve the chances of acquiring Anpsi Knuckles. As a Fist-class weapon, the Anpsi Knuckles can only be equipped by the Jupiter Adept Sveta. The Anpsi Knuckles have three unleashes: Force Cannon, Feral Rush, and Satellite Crash. Force Cannon does Mars-based damage equivalent to a normal physical attack multplied by 1.97, and may sometimes Stun the target. Feral Rush does Venus-based damage equivalent to a normal physical attack multiplied by 1.6, and may sometimes heal Sveta by an amount equal to the damage dealt. Satellite Crash does Mars-based damage equivalent to a normal physical Attack multiplied by 1.97, and may reduce the target's Agility by 50%.


The Anpsi Knuckles are the strongest Fist-class item and the second strongest weapon available to Sveta. The strongest weapon is the cursed Bloody Claw, available in Crossbone Isle. The Anpsi Knuckles possess three excellent unleashes. Satellite Crash and Force Cannon have high damage multipliers, while Feral Rush has a useful healing ability. In addition, the Anpsi Knuckles are available prior to the final dungeon.

However, the Anpsi Knuckles have several drawbacks which should be noted. While they can be used prior to the final dungeon, exploration of Apollo Sanctum requires the use of the Umbra Knuckles. However, the Anpsi Knuckles could be used for post-game material. In addition, Sveta cannot easily exploit the Mars-alignment of Satellite Crash and Force Cannon, as her highest Attack classes are Venus and Jupiter based. Finally, Dark Dawn has no RNG methods, so obtaining the Anpsi Knuckles is a matter of chance. However, the overall power means they can be useful if obtained.

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