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Agility is the statistic that governs a character's overall speed. The Agility statistic is influenced by a number of factors: the character's Level, Character class, Djinn lineup, and in some cases, Equipment.

Basic Description

Under normal circumstances, characters with higher Agility will move before characters with lower Agility. Higher Agility is particularly important in battle, to allow players to ensure that their Adepts make strategic moves before the enemy. However, it should be noted that certain in-battle commands ignore the battling characters Agility, and activate first in a turn. The effects of certain Djinn, such as Haze, Breath, or Granite have this property. Also included are shielding skills, such as Guard Aura, and Counter-rush.

Among all the statistics, Agility is especially easy to manipulate, due to a variety of equipment that possess the ability to multiply an Adept's agility. In all games, the player can access the Elven Shirt, which will multiply the Adept's Agility by 1.5, though only one copy exists. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn introduces the Zol Ring and the Hover Greave, which multiply the Agility stat by 1.8 and 1.5 respectively. Both can be obtained in multiples by forging Quality Zol, and can be equipped to elevate Agility to meteoric levels. One aspect of Agility worth noting is that there is no Psynergy currently in existence that will raise Agility, unlike the other statistics (barring Luck).

Ways to increase Agility

Permanent Increases

Temporary Increases

Ways to decrease Agility

Permanent Decreases

Temporary Decreases

It should be noted that the Break Psynergy will remove any temporary bonuses to Agility.

Random Number Generator Abuse and Agility

When attempting to abuse the Random Number Generator of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age to gain rare items, players often need their characters to attack in a certain order when battling. For instance, a player may need to ensure that Ivan, a relatively fast character, move later in the turn to ensure a kill by a Djinn of the proper element. Putting all of his Djinn on standby would decrease Agility via a class change, but would also result in a decrease in Attack, which may result in the monster not dying at the proper time. In this case, the player may want to consider Agility-reducing equipment, like the Safety Boots or Turtle Boots, or a change to a slower class.

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