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Hover Greave

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Hover Greave DD.gif Hover Greave
Trade Info
Item class Boots
Buy value 4500
Sell value 3375
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 20
Agility Boost 1.5

Hover Greaves are Boot-class Artifacts that were introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[edit]

Hover Greaves increase the wearer's base Defense by 20 points, and also multiply Agility by a factor of 1.5. They can be sold for 3375 coins and subsequently rebought for 4500 coins.

To obtain the Hover Greaves, the player must bring the forgeable item, Quality Zol to Obaba in Champa. She will then forge the Zol into one of five items, with the Hover Greaves being one possibility. She will then give the Hover Greaves to the player free of charge. The Hover Greaves can only be equipped by Warrior-style Adepts, namely Matthew, Tyrell and Eoleo.


The Hover Greaves are one of the more useful pairs of Boots introduced in Dark Dawn. Not only do they possess the second strongest Defense boost in the game, but they provide a significant Agility increase that remains beneficial throughout the game. Additionally, their status as a forgeable item makes them one of the few pairs of Boots that can be obtained in multiple. The Mars Adepts Tyrell and Eoleo can benefit the most from the boost. The Hover Greaves not only boost their already significant Defenses, but help to increase each Adept's middling speed.

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