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Dragon Boots

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Dragon Boots.gif Dragon Boots
Trade Info
Item class Boots
Buy value 4200
Sell value 3150
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 13
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star venus.gif 10
Star mars.gif 10
Star mercury.gif 10

Dragon Boots (ドラゴンブーツ, Dragon Boots?) are a Boot-class armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description by Game[edit]

The Dragon Boots increase the wearer's base Defense by 13, and increase the wearer's Venus, Mars, and Mercury Resistances by 10 each. They can be bought for 4200 coins and sold for 3150 coins.

They are acquired by bringing a Dragon Skin forgeable item to Sunshine the Blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into either that or several other items, and then buying them from him. As a Boot, they can be equipped by all Adepts.


The Dragon Boots' high Defense boost and multiple Resistance boosts make it the premier Boot-class item for defense in The Lost Age, far superior to the Fur Boots, which have 2 Defense and 15 Mercury Resistance. Being an item with such potential for endgame usefulness makes them probably the most notable and desirable of any equipment that can be forged out of Dragon Skin. Whether and how they compare to the offensively-oriented Hyper Boots, the Agility-boosting Quick Boots, and Golden Boots is up to the player, though.

The Dragon Boots are most appropriate for the Jupiter Adepts in the party, because their element grants them natural Jupiter Resistance and Agility (which eliminates the need for Quick or Golden Boots). In addition, they usually have comparatively low HP and Defense values, so Dragon Boots will help to keep them in the battle. They are also usually more Psynergy-oriented than attack-oriented (which eliminates the need for Hyper Boots).

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