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Knight's Greave

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Knights Greave.gif Knight's Greave Knights Greave DD.gif
Trade Info
Item class Boots
Buy value 2700
Sell value 2025
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 16
Hit Point Boost 5

The Knight's Greave is a pair of Boots introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[edit]

The Knight's Greave increases the wearer's Defense by 16 points and the wearer's HP by 5 points. They can be bought for 2700 coins and sold for 2025 coins.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the Knight's Greave is an Artifact sold by the armor vendor at Border Town. Though most boot-class armor is available to all party members, the Knight's Greave can only be equipped by Matthew, Eoleo, and Tyrell.

Unlike most Boots, they can only be equipped by warrior-style party members: Matthew, Tyrell, and Eoleo. The Knight's Greave is an Artifact sold from the armor vendor in Border Town for 2700 coins, and it can be sold for 2025.


The Knight's Greave is the most defense-oriented pair of Boots in Dark Dawn. While their usefulness is limited in that they are only available to three party members, they grant higher bonuses than any Boots available at that point. Later on, the player could choose to replace them with the Ninja Sandals, the Hover Greave, or the Silver Greave, depending on personal preference.


  • Although it wasn't officially introduced until Dark Dawn, the Knight's Greave was coded into Golden Sun: The Lost Age, although it couldn't be accessed without a hacking device. It is plausible that the Knight's Greave, along with the Ninja Sandals and the Silver Greave, were meant to be new prizes at the Lucky Wheels minigame, but were removed in favor of the first game's prizes.
    • In The Lost Age, the Knight's Greave only offered half the Defense boost it does in Dark Dawn (the Hit Point rating hasn't changed). Also, the Knight's Greave could be equipped by any party member rather than being limited to certain characters.
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