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Turtle Boots

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Turtle Boots.gif Turtle Boots
Trade Info
Item class Boots
Buy value 600
Sell value 450
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 3
Special Equip Effect Agility x 0.5

The Turtle Boots (スーパーかめブーツ, Sūpā kame būtsu?, lit. Super Turtle Boots) are Boots available in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description by Game[edit]

The Turtle Boots increase the wearer's Defense by 3, but cut the wearer's Agility in half. They can be sold for 450 coins and subsequently rebought for 600 coins.

In Golden Sun, they can be found in the overworld west of Kolima. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, they are found in a chest in the Islet Cave. In all its appearances, Turtle Boots can be equipped by any party member.


The Turtle Boots are one of the only items found in the overworld.

The Turtle Boots are quite possibly the worst equippable item in the games, understandable when considering their effect on the wearer's stats. However, they do have a small advantage, as they are the first Boot-class item available in Golden Sun (more boots will not become available until much later). Basically, since Garet is slow to begin with, the player may decide to equip it on him for a little extra defense for a while, but the agility loss is too much of a handicap to keep equipped.

However, if you want to use the Turtle Boots for added defense, you can lower the cut in agility (but not eliminate it) by equipping the Elven Shirt found in Mogall Forest in Golden Sun. The Elven Shirt multiplies the equipped Adept's agility by 1.5, while the Turtle Boots multiplies agility by 0.5. It comes down to personal preference if you decide to use them or not.

In The Lost Age, however, they are strictly a collectible to sell off for money, because when it can first be found in the middle of that game, the far superior (but still questionable) Safety Boots can be bought much earlier, Safety Boots being like Turtle Boots with more defense and less agility reduction. Even the common Leather Boots you can buy in Madra early on are far better than Turtle Boots, because they have more defense and no agility reduction.

One use for them, however, might be slowing down a particular Adept for getting items using the Random Number Generator, as sometimes faster Adepts need to be slowed down so they can strike later to make a particular method work.

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