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Zol Tiara

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Zol Tiara DD.gif Zol Tiara
Trade Info
Item class Circlet
Buy value 6000
Sell value 4500
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 37
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star jupiter.gif 30
Special Equip Effect Can only be worn by females

A Zol Tiara is circlet-class headgear introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[edit]

A Zol Tiara increases its wearer's defense by 37 and Jupiter resistance by 30. It can be sold for 4500 coins and subsequently rebought for 6000 coins.

Zol Tiaras are one of several items forged from Quality Zol, and can be obtained by bringing Quality Zol to Obaba in Champa. Once Obaba forges the Zol Tiara, she will give it to the player free of charge. Zol Tiaras are limited to female Adepts, meaning only Karis, Himi, and Sveta can equip it.


Zol Tiaras are the second strongest circlets available, with the title of strongest circlet going to the cursed Demon Circlet. When comparing the two, the Demon Circlet has 13 more points of Defense and a useful 15% boost to the Unleash Rate, in comparison to the Zol Tiara's 30 point boost to Jupiter Resistance. However, the Cleric's Ring, which would neutralize the effects of the curse, as well as the Dark Matter needed to forge the Demon Circlet are not available until after the end of the main storyline. Thus, when considering Defensive boost alone, the Zol Tiara is more practical.

When looking to equip the Zol Tiara, several things should be noted. First, Sveta will usually have the plot-required Umbra Cowl, which must be used in Apollo Sanctum. Between Himi and Karis, Himi will usually have lower Jupiter Resistance, and thus may benefit more from the boost.

Quality Zol equipment
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