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The Sun Saga (でんせつのえほん, Densetsu no ehon?, lit. Legendary Picture Book) is a series of collectible book items in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn that provide a retrospective on the events of the previous two games in the series. When one of these are used, a corresponding movie will play on the bottom screen, in which a condensed form of the previous games' story will be told through simple pastel art, with the classic characters appearing in a chibi style.

Sun Saga 1

Sun Saga 1 DD.png

This book can be found in the main room of Lookout Cabin, when the area that green books lie upon are inspected. If it is not picked up before Matthew's party enters the Ei-Jei region, it will be automatically added to the Artifact menu of item vendors.

The saga of the Golden Sun begins long before the transformative event happened over Mount Aleph and the village of Vale.
The relics that could release the Golden Sun were hidden within a temple known as Sol Sanctum.
Then came the day that the villagers Garet, Isaac, and Jenna set out to meet the local scholar of Alchemy.
They stumbled across strangers in the shadows who desired to possess the relics of the temple.
They rushed to find the scholar Kraden, who said they had to find out if Sol Sanctum had been breached.
Though only priests were allowed inside, Kraden and his friends dared to enter the temple to find out the truth.
The traps they found within the temple should have scared them away, but its mysteries lured them ever deeper.
But what they truly couldn't resist was the spirit of adventure.
Their final destination took them to the heart of the mountain where the relics of the temple had been hidden.
Their moment of wonder was interrupted by the arrival of thieving fiends!
They'd duped Kraden into solving the temple's riddles for them!
Their guide was Felix, none other than Jenna's brother, who was thought drowned during a storm in Vale three years earlier.
The thieves stole Jenna and Kraden away...
and then stole the legendary relics from Sol Sanctum...the Elemental Stars.
Isaac and Garet were left to fend for themselves in the relic chamber.
Their exit was cut off. They couldn't leave the chamber!
The mountain began to shake angrily, awoken by the loss of the elemental relics.
Magma began to bubble and gush. Mount Aleph was, in truth, a slumbering volcano!
Isaac and Garet were trapped!
Just then, the protector of Sol Sanctum appeared! The godlike Wise One had come to their rescue!
The Wise One explained that a nightmare had been put into motion by the theft of the Elemental Stars.
Four lighthouses, which had sealed away the apocalyptic power of Alchemy, could now be powered back up!
The lighthouses could be reignited with their matching Elemental Stars...
unleashing Alchemy upon the world.
After telling of ancient catastrophes averted...and a new one soon to begin...
the Wise One teleported Isaac and Garet safely out of the mountain, back up to the temple entrance.
They were saved from the volcanic wrath of Mount Aleph.

Sun Saga 2

Sun Saga 2 DD.png

This book can be found in Patcher's Place, by entering the upper-left residence and inspecting the upper left bookcase. If it is not picked up before Matthew's party enters the Ei-Jei region, it will be automatically added to the Artifact menu of item vendors. Regardless of how it is acquired, it will instantly add the Elemental Star entry to the Encyclopedia.

The day after Mount Aleph erupted, Isaac and Garet left Vale.
They began their quest to get the Elemental Stars back.
And, of course, to rescue the kidnapped Jenna and Kraden from their captors.
Jenna's brother, Felix, who had turned traitor on Vale, had to be stopped.
As they traveled across the continent, the two heroes met others who joined their party.
The Wind Adept known as Ivan was next to join. Along with his power over the skies, he could read people's minds.
The three Adepts journeyed onward...
enduring trials of their heroism throughout the continent...
until they finally arrived in Imil, where they found the first Elemental Lighthouse.
Here they met Mia, who had devoted her life to caring for the sick and elderly of Imil.
Mia was also one of few members of her family still alive to look after the lighthouse, the one devoted to the water element.
Unfortunately, by the time Mia and the heroes entered the lighthouse, they found its beacon already lit.
Someone had beaten them there, someone who'd helped reignite its fire.
This intruder was Mia's cousin, Alex. As another surviving member of her family, Alex was a Water Adept, like Mia.
His betrayal of his people meant failure for the heroes as well. They could not stop the beacon from being lit.
Isaac and the party had traveled so far, yet their journey had been in vain.
Mia was bound by duty to join Isaac and his friends.
She knew that her cousin would stop at nothing to ignite all of the lighthouses.
Together, they could perhaps stop Felix and Alex, the two fiends who had the same mad ambition.
The party was now four strong! The Adepts renewed the chase!

Sun Saga 3

Sun Saga 3 DD.png

This book can be found in Passaj, by entering the great hall and inspecting the upper right bookcase. It can be picked up from its hiding spot late in the game because Passaj itself can be visited late in the game. Once this is acquired, it will immediately add the Sheba entry to the Encyclopedia.

In pursuit of Felix and Alex, the heroes entered lands that brimmed with mystery.
They met foreign peoples whose lives were tossed and turned by the fates of those terrible times.
But no matter what hurdles stood in the heroes' way, still they found a way forward.
In their travels, one thing was clear: the rising tide of chaos!
The Mercury Lighthouse, they guessed, was causing all these problems with its fluid, chaotic influence!
But the waves of monsters that they fought…
all fell before their valor, giving the heroes greater confidence!
After reaching Tolbi, the greatest city of Angara, they crossed a bridge for another continent!
The heroes entered Gondowan and braved its vast deserts.
In time, they fought their way to the city of Lalivero, home to the Venus Lighthouse.
They were ready to face the dangers of the second lighthouse!
Unfortunately, Alex and his party had already beaten them there.
The Venus Lighthouse, emerging from the desert sands, was even more mysterious than the Mercury Lighthouse.
The climb up the Venus Lighthouse was fraught with peril, but at long last the heroes caught up with the fiends.
But they didn't find Felix or Alex waiting for them at the top.
They instead came face-to-face with two warriors from a strange land who were immensely powerful.
In a brutal battle, the heroes narrowly defeated the warriors. But…
They couldn't stop the lighthouse from being activated!
There was a shocking release of its elemental earth power!
The Venus Lighthouse began to collapse!
As it crumbled, Felix lost his grip on one of his captives, Sheba, the priestess of Lalivero. He dove after her.
The two vanished into the waves far below the lighthouse…

Sun Saga 4

Sun Saga 4 DD.png

This book can be found in the library in Belinsk. If it is not picked up before Matthew's party concludes the Morgal region of the story, it will be automatically added to the Artifact menu of item vendors.

Isaac and his friends survived the destruction around Lalivero.
They soon continued their hunt on an ancient boat bound for the Eastern Sea.
Though still in pursuit of those who had kidnapped Jenna...
They had also been given a new mission by the ruler of Tolbi.
Above all, this ruler wanted to find the lost land of the ancients, Lemuria.
Their search took them far and wide. What they soon found shocked them all...
They caught wind of the news that Felix and Sheba were still alive.
The scoundrel and his captive had survived the collapse of the Venus Lighthouse.
Isaac heard first that Felix's journey had taken him to Izumo.
Word was that Felix and his party had defeated the legendary serpent of Izumo...and saved a village.
And Felix had also caught up with the notorious pirate known as Briggs...and given him a thrashing.
Such heroism...from Felix? Then, word reached them that he had braved the Ankohl ruins to gain its treasures.
It was at that point that Isaac set their course for the third lighthouse.
They came to the continent of Atteka, the home of the Jupiter Lighthouse.
Isaac and the group were eager to catch up with Felix.
But Felix's party was well ahead of them. They had already reached the lighthouse.
And in their frustration, Isaac and his friends made a foolish error...
They walked right into a trap.
But not one set by Felix. Two warriors from Prox, a remote tribal village of Fire Adepts, had ensnared them.
The warriors from Prox had drawn everyone into their scheme to restart the lighthouses...for their own reasons.
The true fiends behind everything believed they could achieve their goals and finish off the heroes in one master stroke.
But just as the final blow began to fall, an unexpected hero rose to save the day: the wayward son of Vale, Felix.
The Proxians fled the scene. Isaac and his friends were saved.
But the third lighthouse had been relit. Isaac and his friends had failed again!
It was then that Isaac found out what Kraden had learned about the true secret of the lighthouses and Alchemy.
There was an important reason that Felix had embarked on his journey to restart the Elemental Lighthouses.
The flat world of Weyard was heading for apocalypse.
When the ancients sealed up Alchemy, they had cut off the world's life force. Its edges were crumbling away.
Weyard was approaching its final end.
Alchemy had been sealed up because people had abused its power. But the consequences were even more severe.
The heroes were faced with two choices: they could either let the world continue to crumble away...
or they could unleash the unpredictable power of Alchemy, but in doing so, revitalize their dying world.
Isaac and his friends understood at last that the cause they had been serving was a disastrous one.
They vowed to restart the fourth lighthouse and restore the force of Alchemy to the world.

Sun Saga 5

Sun Saga 5 DD.png

This book can be found in a bookcase in the lower right tree of Kolima Village. If it is not picked up before Matthew's party concludes the Morgal region of the story, it will be automatically added to the Artifact menu of item vendors.

The last of the lighthouses to be relit, the Mars Lighthouse, was located in far-northern Prox.
The Proxian people were on the verge of extinction, which was why their warriors were trying to restart the lighthouses.
Their homeland was crumbling before their very eyes.
Isaac and Felix's parties joined forces to save the world.
With their combined efforts, they finally succeeded in restarting the Mars Lighthouse.
At that moment, energy brighter than the sun's plasma shot out from each of the four lighthouses.
The four beams met in the sky above Mount Aleph.
A fiery sphere, burning like a golden sun, appeared there, radiating energy that spread throughout the world.
For the Golden Sun, indeed, had arrived. The phenomenon saved the world from decay and death.
And the heroes who had journeyed so long came to be known as the Warriors of Vale.
Those warriors sacrificed all to bring the dawn of the Golden Sun! Now, a new generation will live its own legend!
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