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Official Dark Dawn art of Patcher's Place

Patcher's Place (ティンカーの万屋 Tinker's Variety Shop) is a settlement featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and is the first "main" town visited in the game once the game's main quest begins. Patcher's Place is so named for the general store owned by Patcher, a refugee from the original Vale, which serves up just about everything fellow refugees from Vale might need to survive. It is the closest thing to a "new Vale", as the other refugees have constructed a small settlement around the store. It is the location of Forge, the first Mars Djinni available to the player.


The structure housing Patcher's comprehensive suite of services.

Patcher's Place was founded in the days following the Golden Sun event, and thus is populated almost entirely by former residents of Vale. The large general store supplies nearly every need of a traveler, with an inn and Vendor shops. Its other main attraction is the Psynergy Training Grounds, located in the northern part of town. The Training Grounds serve both as a theme park-style retelling of the exploits of the Warriors of Vale and as a practice site for young Adepts. The Psynergy Training Grounds are a popular attraction, and are required in order to pass the Konpa Gate.

Immediately prior to the start of Dark Dawn, Isaac and Matthew make a trip to Patcher's Place for supplies. Following the start of Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis's quest for a Mountain Roc feather, Isaac sends the group to Patcher's Place as a first stop, so they can gear up and get information from Patcher. The initial meeting with Patcher does not go well, as Patcher notices Tyrell. Tyrell had nearly burned down the store with his Mars Psynergy in a fit of rage once, and nearly does it again out of frustration. Patcher would later apologize for his initial behavior. The Adepts would then complete the Psynergy Training Grounds before leaving the town. After exploring the Konpa Ruins, the Adepts are cut off from returning, as the southern entrance to the ruins is blocked.


As the first town the player encounters, Patcher's Place serves as a source of information as well as the first place that the player can access Vendors to update equipment. The main building serves both as an Inn and a combination Weapon, Armor, and Item shop. There are several dwellings located near it, where former residents of Vale reside. When first entering Patcher's Place, a cutscene takes place, after which the player receives a tutorial on Inns and Vendor shops. The player should take the time to upgrade armor. Weapons can be upgraded at the player's discretion, and is recommended if the player intends to complete the Psynergy Training Grounds before traveling to Carver's Camp.

After this, the player can travel north of town, home to the Psynergy Training Grounds and the Mars Djinni Forge.

Forge can be found just above the main store, and is the first Mars Djinni available to the player.

To obtain Forge, at the top end of the screen, climb up to the entrance screen to the Psynergy Training Grounds, and go to the area where several children run counterclockwise around a tree. There are three earth pillars here; move the pillar to the lower left of the tree four spaces up, four spaces right, and two spaces down. Move the topmost pillar four spaces down, and move the rightmost pillar one space left. Now climb the tree and hop right across the newly-assembled earth pillar path, then hop right onto another tree at the right end of the screen, and climb down off it. Cast Growth on the plant sprout at the bottom of the screen to make it a ladder that you can use to climb down to reach Forge.

Patcher's Place becomes inaccessible following the first Point of No Return at the Konpa Ruins, barring the use of glitches.


The inn of Patcher's Place is located in the main building, immediately to the left of the other shops, and costs 2 coins per party member.

Weapon Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Long Sword DD.gif Long Sword Long Sword 200 Attack +14, Unleashes Critical Strike and Spin Strike
Short Sword DD.gif Short Sword Light Blade 120 Attack +8, Unleashes Critical Strike
Mace DD.gif Mace Mace 80 Attack +6, Unleashes Critical Strike
Wooden Stick DD.gif Wooden Stick Staff 40 Attack +4, Unleashes Critical Strike
Short Bow DD.gif Short Bow Bow 300 Attack +11, Unleashes Double Shot
Armor Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Cotton Shirt DD.gif Cotton Shirt Clothing 20 Defense +3
One-Piece Dress DD.gif One-Piece Dress Robe 25 Defense +4
Wooden Shield DD.gif Wooden Shield Shield 40 Defense +6
Padded Gloves DD.gif Padded Gloves Gloves 10 Defense +2
Leather Cap DD.gif Leather Cap Hat 30 Defense +3
Item Shop
Name Class Cost Effect
Herb DD.png Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept
Antidote DD.png Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom from one Adept
Water of Life DD.png Water of Life Consumable Item 3000 Revives one downed Adept


Coin DD.png 3 Coins - at the first barrel seen upon entering Patcher's Place
Power Bread DD.png Power Bread - inside the chest behind Patcher's counter
Herb DD.png Herb - at the back room on the lower floor of Patcher's main shop
Elixir DD.png Elixir - in a barrel under the bridge
Antidote DD.png Antidote - inside a house on the east with the chimney
Sun Saga 2 DD.png Sun Saga 2 - shelf in the house beside the ladder to Training grounds
Smoke Bomb DD.png Smoke Bomb - barrel beside the stairs outside the Temple
Coin DD.png 11Coins - barrel at the house at the lowest level
DjinnDDIconForge.gif Mars Djinni Forge - joins your party after climbing trees and using Move and Growth Psynergies.

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