One-Piece Dress

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One-Piece Dress.gif One-Piece Dress One-Piece Dress DD.gif
In-Game Description
"Robe" (GS) (TLA)
"Body: Robe" (DD)
Trade Info
Item class Robe
Buy value 25
Sell value 18
Artifact? No
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 4
Special Equip Effect Can only be equipped by females
• Starts on Jenna (GS)
• First sold at Vale (GS)
• Starts on Jenna (TLA)
• Sold at Daila (TLA)
• Starts on Karis (DD)
• Sold at Patcher's Place (DD)

A One-Piece Dress (ワンピース, One-Piece?) is common Robe-class bodywear available throughout the Golden Sun series. It is typically the first and weakest Robe-class bodywear available to the player, and is one of a few pieces of equipment that is limited to female mage-style Adepts.

In Golden Sun and The Lost Age

In Golden Sun, a One-Piece Dress is a pointless purchase. At this point, the only Adept who can equip it, Jenna, already has one as part of her beginning equipment setup. Also worth noting is that she will only be in the party a short time, thus upgrading her equipment to the stronger Travel Vest can be considered a waste of money. Therefore, the One Piece Dress will suit her needs at this time. By the time another female Adept, Mia, joins the party, the One Piece Dress will be outclassed by other bodywear.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, as in Golden Sun, Jenna starts out in your new party equipped with a One-Piece Dress as part of her beginning equipment setup. It will last her through the prologue, but can be replaced with a stronger Travel Vest once reaching Daila after the main game starts. Since Sheba is equipped with a Travel Vest already, there would obviously be no merit in equipping her with a weaker One-Piece Dress.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it once again reprises its role as starting gear for females, being Karis's initial armor. Compared to its prior appearances, Karis's One-Piece Dress will remain her bodywear of choice for a longer period of time, as the player will have to complete the beginning dungeon before being allowed to even travel to a town with a Vendor. Additionally, Travel Vests are not available in the first town, Patcher's Place, forcing the player to wait until reaching Carver's Camp before upgrading. Technically, the last-recruited party member, Himi, can also wear this, and so can Sveta despite being unable to wear robes that can be worn by either gender.

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