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Short Bow

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Short bow.gif Short Bow (DD)
The DS model of the Short Bow
Trade Info
Weapon class Bows
Buy value 300
Sell value 225
Artifact? No
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 11
Unleash effect
Effect name Double Shot
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif x1.6

A Short Bow is a common bow-class weapon introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[edit]

A Short Bow increases its wielder's Attack by 11 points. They can be repeatedly bought at Patcher's Place and Carver's Camp for 300 coins each, and can be sold for 225 coins each. Karis and Amiti can equip Short Bows. The Short Bow's main unleash is Double Shot. Double Shot converts all damage to Jupiter-damage and multiplies the damage by 1.6.


When it is first available, the Short Bow is probably the best weapon Karis can equip. It has a strong unleash in Double Shot, which has the added benefit of being Jupiter aligned. As a Jupiter Adept, Karis naturally has strong Jupiter Power, which will increase the Unleash's potential damage. Also, the extra attack power is useful for the early boss battle against the Dim Dragon. Once the player reaches Carver's Camp, however, the Short Bow can be replaced with the Magic Rod, which possesses two Jupiter-based Unleashes and a higher attack rating.

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