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Zephyr's Bow

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Zephyrs bow.gif Zephyr's Bow (DD)
The DS model of Zephyr's Bow
Trade Info
Weapon class Bows
Buy value 18000
Sell value 13500
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 140
First Unleash effect
Effect name Double Shot
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif x1.6
Second Unleash effect
Effect name Arrow Shower
Extra damage Star mercury.gif x1.2
Side effect Hits each adjacent foe
May reduce each target's Defense by 25%
Third Unleash effect
Effect name Cyclone Shot
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif x1.6
Side effect May lower the target's Resistances by 40 each

Zephyr's Bow (ゼピュロスのゆみや, Zepyurosu no Yumiya?, lit. Zephyros' Bow and Arrow) is a Bow-class Artifact weapon introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[edit | edit source]

Zephyr's Bow increases the wielder's attack by 140 points. It can be sold for 13500 coins and subsequently re-bought for 18000 coins.

Zephyr's Bow can found in the Venus Area of Apollo Sanctum Gate, by examining the right-most statue. Due to bows arriving relatively late to the series, it can currently only be equipped by Karis and Amiti. Zephyr's Bow has 3 unleashes: Double Shot (ダブルショット, Double Shot?), Arrow Shower (シャワーアロー, Shower Arrow?), and Cyclone Shot (ホワールウィンド, Whirlwind?). Double Shot is a Jupiter-based unleash that multiplies damage by 1.6, while Arrow Shower is a Mercury-based unleash that multiplies damage by 1.2. Arrow Shower has a range of three targets, and may reduce each targets Defense by 25%. Cyclone Shot is identical to Double Shot, but has an additional chance to temporarily lower the target's Resistances by 40 each.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

By the time the player gains access to Zephyr's Bow, it will be outclassed by stronger weapons like the Masamune for Amiti and the Verdant Sword for Karis. Thus, it will not likely see much use. Should the player decide to use Zephyr's Bow anyway, or if the stronger alternatives are given to other characters, they should consider putting either character into the Hermit class series, as it will give either Adept stronger Mercury/Jupiter Power, which will increase the damage they can do with the Unleashes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A glitch in some early versions of Dark Dawn causes Zephyr's Bow's standard attack to register as a Jupiter-based attack when used on Fury Demons. This glitch appears to have been fixed in later versions.

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