Konpa Gate

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Konpa Gate bars the way to the Konpa Ruins for those traveling south from Carver's Camp.

Konpa Gate (ゴンパゲート Gonpa Gate) is a minor location first seen in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This place features the Konpa Gate itself, the house of the gatekeeper, and the Venus Djinni Flower.


After crossing through the gate, go up the steps to the house. Climb down the nearby tree. he Venus Djinn, Flower, will hide under one of the wind blossoms as the player approaches. Use Whirlwind on the specific blossom, and Flower will appear, and join the party without a fight. If the player goes inside the house, they will find that the gatekeeper has fallen asleep before closing the gate. However, Matthew can close it, though this action has no effect on the plot.


  • DjinnDDIconFlower.gif Flower: is seen hiding under a wind blossom in front of the gatekeeper's house. Use Whirlwind to reveal it and Flower will join without a fight.
  • Antidote DD.png Antidote: found in a jar in the gatekeeper's house.


Konpa Gate opens when the keeper recognizes a Gate Card in a visitor's possession.

The gate is used to control access to the Konpa Ruins; only those Adepts who have acquired a Gate Card by completing the Psynergy Training Grounds are allowed to pass. The gatekeeper lives in a small house next to the gate, and can be signaled via a small bell near the gate. However, the gatekeeper is often asleep, and is usually startled awake by the bell. When Matthew's party first enters the area, they see an Adept ring the gatekeeper's bell. After the gatekeeper confirms that the Adept has the Gate Card, the gatekeeper raises the gate temporarily, to allow the Adept to pass through. Matthew's party follows the same process, allowing them to continue to the Konpa Ruins.

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