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Osenia Cliffs

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The remains of Briggs' pirate ship lie wrecked against Osenia Cliffs.

The Osenia Cliffs (オセニア大陸を結ぶ崖, Osenia Continent Connective Cliff) are a series of ridges, rocky reefs, and outcrops that jut from the channel of sea between Indra and Osenia, at it's narrowest point.



The Osenia Cliffs were created when events at the end of Golden Sun caused a huge earthquake and tidal wave, which pushed the continent of Indra southwards, wedging it between the continents of Gondowan and Osenia. The Osenia Cliffs are the eastern counterpart to the Gondowan Cliffs, but are much less difficult to make one's way through, and contain no monster encounters or random battles.


To the west of the cliffs is the Madra Drawbridge and Madra in Indra, and to the east is the entrance to the Yampi Desert and Alhafra in Osenia (although it is impossible to walk to the latter without passing through the desert, thanks to Briggs, who destroyed a bridge along the route).


The Osenia Cliffs have no major role in the story line (although the player is required to cross them in order to progress in them game), but it is the site that Briggs' ships crashed into due to the tsunami caused by Poseidon's return, which killed several pirates. It is for this reason that Briggs attempts to buy the damaged Sailing Ship from Alhafra.


Pirates Sword.gif Pirate's Sword: found in a chest on the Osenia side of the cliffs reached by hopping across the wreckage of the boat.

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