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Kolima Tunnel

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Kolima Tunnel is a minor dungeon-style area encapsulated within Kolima Village. The entrance to the tunnel is invisible from the vantage point of the player – in a small, hidden room in the rear of the treehouse that only portrays half a tree, unlike any of the other buildings in Kolima, which should hint that there's an entrance to the other half from the back. The existence of the tunnel is also completely unmentioned within the text of the game, and only hinted by the visible exit to the tunnel in the fenced-in backyard of the forementioned house. The yard is home to the Venus Djinni, Granite; therefore, the Tunnel's entrance is somewhat of a mystery and hidden treasure to new players of Golden Sun.

The tunnel itself is home to enemies identical to those found in the forests and fields of northeastern Angara.

Bestiary of Kolima Tunnel
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Bat 3 30 30 4 20 2 3 Star jupiter.gif Herb.gif Herb 1/16
Ghost 5 56 38 12 12 9 9 Star jupiter.gif Oil Drop.gif Oil Drop 1/16
Rat 6 49 52 27 15 14 17 Star mars.gif Herb.gif Herb 1/32
Rat Soldier 6 69 56 13 19 17 19 Star mars.gif Smoke Bomb.gif Smoke Bomb 1/16
Skeleton 5 60 46 14 18 10 11 Star venus.gif Herb.gif Herb 1/16
Zombie 4 55 41 9 5 7 8 Star mars.gif Herb.gif Herb 1/16
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