Carver's Lumberyard

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The entrance to Carver's Lumberyard is south of the exit from Carver's Camp.

Carver's Lumberyard (木材置き場, Lumberyard) is a minor location visited early in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. The eastern portion of the lumberyard is home to a small cave where the Zagan Summon can be found.


The Lumberyard has two entrances, one southeast of Goma Highlands Road, and a second south of Carver's Camp. Initially, the lumberyard is inaccessible from the western side, but can be accessed via the eastern side after traveling through Carver's Camp. Like other locations in the region, Carver's Lumberyard makes use of an ancient gondola for transportation, to provide easy access between the eastern and western portions of the Goma Highlands. After completing the Konpa Ruins, the Lumberyard cannot be accessed by ordinary means.


Carver's Lumberyard contains the summon tablet for Zagan.

After entering the eastern portion of the Lumberyard, follow the path around and use the stairs to get to the ground. Go to the tree on the left hand side, and use Whirlwind on the wind blossoms. Then climb the tree and jump across the blossoms to get to the upper path. Follow this path to the right to the stairs. Move the log to the right, and Whirlwind the blossoms. Climb the nearby tree and jump across the blossoms to access the cave entrance. Go into the cave to obtain the Zagan summon from the Summon tablet.

Back at the entrance, go to the gondola and jump on, then use Fireball to travel to the eastern path. Go down and to create a shortcut back to the western side of the Goma Highlands. Go to the flower field, and whirlwind the blossoms. A Hard Nut and a Nut can be found underneath two of the blossoms. Use the gondola to get back to the eastern half of the lumberyard.


  • Zagan Icon GSDD.jpg Zagan: Found in a cave in the eastern half of the lumberyard.
  • Nut DD.png Nut: Found underneath a wind blossom in the western half of the lumberyard.
  • Hard Nut DD.png Hard Nut: Found underneath a wind blossom in the western half of the lumberyard.
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