Border Town Mine

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Border Town Mine is at the furthest end of the Morgal region's northwestern region.

Border Town Mine (ボルダー北西の廃鉱, NW Border's Abandoned Mine) is a minor location first seen in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is located northwest of Border Town and it is where Ulysses's summon tablet is hidden.


Border Town Mine becomes fully accessible as soon as the party steps from Teppe Ruins into the Morgal region of Angara for the first time. It is reached by traveling far northwest of Belinsk and going north past Border Town, crossing the bridge visible near the top of the map screen, and following along with the green stretch of land south and west. Like with everything else in Morgal, this location can no longer be visited once "Arangoa Prelude" is requested of the musical band in Belinsk.

Using Fireball on this bomb will unveil the Ulysses summon tablet.

First, go ahead past the fallen mine cart and avoid the stairs. When you get to a depressed fork in the layout with elevated tracks in all directions, go north first and cast Cold Snap on the puddle, then take the south fork and cast Move to move the orange earth pillar right. Now go up the stairs near the mine cart, and hop west across the earth pillar to the elevated portion with the metal lever; flip it left, then head north and hop right from the ice pillar. As you proceed east along the northern perimeter of the area, flip both other metal levers in the area facing left. Go to the open mine cart in the southeast part of the area and press against it to hop into it, and you should automatically be transported to the northwest chest containing a Potion.

Ride the mine cart and make a lengthy backtrack all the way to the first lever to the southwest, and flip it back to the right. Backtrack all the way to the southeast mine cart again and ride it again, and this time, you should be deposited near a bomb with a skull-shaped pattern painted on it. While standing somewhere near the top of where the floor begins to slope downward with the tracks, cast Fireball to detonate it and destroy the surrounding wall, which exposes the Ulysses summon tablet. Leave the mine by sliding down the wall slide underneath the altar.

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