SW Atteka Islet

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SW Atteka Islet teeters on the edge of the world.

The SW (Southwest) Atteka Islet (アテカ大陸南西の小島, SW Ateca Continent's Islet) is, as the name would suggest, a small island southwest of Atteka.

Although it does not have to be visited, a Dragon Skin can be found here, as well as a Jupiter Djinni for players who have not transferred data from Golden Sun, or players who have transferred data, but without collecting all the Djinn in the first game. It is one of the 2 islands in which the player can enter Gaia Falls as an area, not just see it on the overworld map.


Bestiary of SW Atteka Islet
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Pteranodon 31 242 291 100 166 341 174 Star jupiter.gif Nut.gif Nut 1/16
Slayer 31 220 300 90 158 344 254 Star jupiter.gif Sleep Bomb.gif Sleep Bomb 1/32
Talon Runner 31 228 303 88 159 367 215 Star jupiter.gif Bramble Seed.gif Bramble Seed 1/32
Wargold 31 202 303 78 181 321 226 Star jupiter.gif Oil Drop.gif Oil Drop 1/16
Wolfkin 31 213 309 89 174 337 219 Star mars.gif Weasels Claw.gif Weasel's Claw 1/16
Missing a Jupiter Djinni from the first game? One can be found again here.


Jupiter djinn.gif Jupiter Djinni: Found after lifting the boulder blocking access to the stone hopping pillars. Only appears if the player is missing one or more Jupiter Djinn from the original game.

Dragon Skin.gif Dragon Skin: Found in a chest after completing the island's single puzzle.


This location has a glitch where if the player saves next to the treasure chest and resets the game, the box used to jump over the water appears misplaced blocking your path, essentially getting the player stuck in that area until one uses the "warp to last sanctum" feature (L+R+Start buttons whilst loading a game).

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