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Smoke Bomb

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Smoke Bomb.gif Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb DD.png
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Sell value 22
Artifact? No
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect May delude a single enemy
When Usable Battle

A Smoke Bomb (けむりだま, Kemuri dama?, lit. Smoke Bomb) is a consumable item in the Golden Sun series. Like most consumable items, each party member can hold up to 30 smoke bombs in a single inventory slot. When used, a smoke bomb has a chance to delude a single enemy. Smoke bombs cannot be bought, but they can be sold for 22 coins each.


Golden Sun Smoke Bombs[edit]

In the original Golden Sun, smoke bombs are dropped by Wild Mushrooms, Foul Dirges, Rat Soldiers, Rat Fighters, Will Heads, and Orc Captains.

The Lost Age Smoke Bombs[edit]

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, smoke bombs are dropped by Punch Ants, Rat Soldiers, Will Heads, Alec Goblins, and Doodle Bugs.

You can find Smoke Bombs in the following locations:

  • In the very first town of Daila, in one of the two barrels located in the lower left corner below the Inn entrance
  • In Madra, in a barrel located inside the house north-east of the Sanctum
  • In Garoh, in a barrel just outside the Inn
  • Inside one of the four jars on the dock in Alhafra (the one most north-west)
  • In the chest closest to the entrance of the base of Air's Rock
  • In a wooden box found inside the single room built into the cliff face in the Kibombo Mountains
  • After walking across the rope in Champa, inside the wooden box just outside the house
  • Inside the white jar in the house right of the Inn in Izumo
  • On the left-side of the courtyard in Lemuria (by using Scoop)
  • On the right-side of the courtyard in Lemuria (by using Scoop)

Dark Dawn Smoke Bombs[edit]

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, smoke bombs are dropped by Rat Soldiers, Squirrelfangs, Hobbles, Hobgoblins, and Deathwisps.

Smoke bombs can also be found in the following locations:

  • On the way to the southern exit of Patcher's Place, players may notice a lone barrel in the southwestern corner. Examine it for a free smoke bomb.
  • Although Passaj's forges aren't up and running at first, players should visit the weapon and armor vendors anyways. A smoke bomb sits in the north-most jar along the east wall.
  • After picking up the Grandmother's Gift in Kaocho, check the jar outside the elderly couple's house for a smoke bomb.
  • A barrel-bound smoke bomb can be found just inside the entrance of Belinsk's Opera House. Unfortunately, there are a lot of barrels there. The smoke bomb is located in the barrel closest to the right-hand door.


The smoke bomb can be used early in the game as an alternative to Delude Psynergy to delude foes, but it soon becomes obsolete later in the game. It is better off sold to clear out inventory space for other, more valuable items.

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