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Belinsk Opera House

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Belinsk's Opera House is where a certain dragon in hiding is rumored to be among those who enjoy the music.

Belinsk Opera House is a location in Belinsk, introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Its main game purpose is after the activation of the Luna Tower and the Grave Eclipse Occurs. The summon Crystallux can be found here after defeating a Dark Devourer and two Dark Scuttlers. However after the party leave Belinsk, the Opera House cannot be entered again.


At the onset of the Grave Eclipse, Matthew fails to protect a young woman from a deadly attack by monsters.

The Opera House is a symbol of Morgal's love of music. It has long been rumored to be home to a chandelier-shaped dragon with a love of music.

During the Grave Eclipse, Belinsk's soldiers corral a group of monsters into the Opera House. Led by Volechek, king of Morgal, the soldiers enter the building to investigate. This scene appears as a vision to Volechek's sister, Sveta, a member of Matthew's traveling party. The group goes to investigate, and find that all the soldiers are then killed by the monsters, with Volechek nowhere to be found. However, Matthew notices three monsters attacking a young girl attempting to protect the Opera House's dragon, Crystalllux. Matthew attacks and defeats the monsters, but is too late to prevent the girl's death. Crystallux joins Matthew as a Summon, and the Adepts take time to bury the victims before leaving to head to Belinsk's port.


First Visit[edit]

Grab the Vial from a box to the left and a Smoke Bomb from a barrel to the right. The patrons inside will tell you that one of the chandelier’s here is actually a dragon.

Follow the path up to the second floor and back down to the back of the Opera House. In the back you can find 66 Coins from a barrel. The exit here leads back to Belinsk.

Second Visit[edit]

After the events at Eclipse Tower, saving both Eoleo and Hou Ju, Sveta's Spirit Sense will activate against her own will. After the scene, Kraden will then suggest going to the Opera House.

Inside take the right exit and follow the path. You'll see the monsters down below. Keep going and you'll get onto stage with them. Here you'll see the chandelier turn into a dragon, just like the legend. A small girl will come out and try to protect it, but get battered aside. The player will fight off the monsters.

This fight is against some normal monsters, and will take you but a minute to complete. After the fight you'll talk to the girl for a bit who will pass away, saddening the dragon. He'll want to help you in return, netting you the summon Crystallux which requires 3 Venus and 2 Mercury Djinn to use.


Bestiary of Belinsk Opera House
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Dark Scuttler 29 316 310 130 140 1096 147 Star venus.gif Star mercury.gif Star mars.gif Star jupiter.gif Weasels Claw DD.png Weasel's Claw 1/16
Dark Devourer (unique) 29 1474 362 102 70 3483 588 Star mars.gif Vial DD.png Vial 1/16