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Sylph Feather

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Sylph Feather.gif Sylph Feather
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Buy value 700
Sell value 525
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Given to a blacksmith in exchange for rare equipment
When Usable Field

A Sylph Feather (シルフのはね, Shirufu no hane?, lit. Sylph's Feather) is a piece of forgeable material in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is described as a "Wind essence feather". It is found in various areas after the Lemurian Ship is acquired, such as in Tundaria Tower, and it can also be dropped rarely from a Great Seagull in Treasure Isle (fell it with Jupiter Djinn to increase drop rate by four times). Being an Artifact, it can be sold and later repurchased. It can be bought for 700 coins and sold for 525 coins. It can be forged into the following moderately powerful items, all Jupiter-based:

Aerial Gloves.gif Aerial Gloves: Glove class: Defense +37: Agility +30: Jupiter power +20. It is bought for 5400 coins and sold for 4050 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.
Faery Vest.gif Faery Vest: Clothing class: Defense +38: Use to restore 200 HP to an ally. It is bought for 6900 coins and sold for 5175 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.
Floating Hat.gif Floating Hat: Hat class: Defense +34: Jupiter resistance +20: Luck x1.2. It is bought for 5700 coins and sold for 4275 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.
Sylph Rapier.gif Sylph Rapier: Light Blade class: Attack +124: Unleashes Mad Zephyr, which converts to Jupiter damage, adds 40 base attack, and sometimes attacks for twice as much damage. It is bought for 10400 coins and sold for 7575 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.



Sylph Feather-crafted equipment is generally most useful during the exploration of the Great Eastern Sea. However, Lemuria's Lucky Medal Fountain offers stronger equipment. Thus, individual Sylph Feathers found in Tundaria Tower and Ankohl Ruins should be forged as soon as possible. The Floating Hat is one of the strongest pieces of headwear available prior to Lemuria, though its bonus to Jupiter Resistance is overlooked due to a lack of Jupiter-oriented opponents. The Aerial Gloves provide a useful bonus to Jupiter Power. While lower than the Leda's Bracelet, the Aerial Gloves are still useful for Felix and Piers, should they be utilizing Jupiter-based offenses. Finally, the Sylph Rapier, while granting a slightly lower Attack bonus, has the potential to deal high amounts of damage due to its chance of doubling dealt damage.

Sylph Feather equipment
Aerial GlovesFaery VestFloating HatSylph Rapier
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