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Tear Stone

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Tear Stone.gif Tear Stone
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Buy value 300
Sell value 225
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Given to a blacksmith in exchange for rare equipment
When Usable Field

A Tear Stone (ティアストーン, Tear Stone?) is the most basic forgeable item in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is described as a "Water essence crystal". It is found in various areas around when the Lemurian Ship is acquired and after, such as in Taopo Swamp, and it can also be dropped very rarely from a Gillman Lord in Treasure Isle (fell it with Mars Djinn to increase drop rate by four times). Being an Artifact, it can be sold and later repurchased. It can be bought for 300 coins and sold for 225 coins. It can be forged into the following items, all Mercury-based:

Clear Bracelet.gif Clear Bracelet: Bracelet class: Defense +31: Mercury power +25. It is bought for 3500 coins and sold for 2625 coins. The chance of it being forged is 30%.
Cloud Wand.gif Cloud Wand: Staff class: Attack +98: Unleashes Stun Cloud, which converts to Mercury damage, adds 31 base attack, and may also stun the target. It is bought for 7000 coins and sold for 5250 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.
Pure Circlet.gif Pure Circlet: Circlet class: Defense +29: Mercury power +20. It is bought for 3700 coins and sold for 2755 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.
Spirit Ring.gif Spirit Ring: Ring class: Use to restore 160 HP to all allies. It is bought for 3600 coins and sold for 2700 coins. The chance of it being forged is 20%.



The first forgeable material found in the game, the Tear Stone makes items which are strong compared to what came before getting the ship, but most will be replaced by the time you reach Lemuria. The items made from it, therefore, are little different from the rest of the items acquired early on. A notable exception, however, is made for the Spirit Ring - as it provides an endless font of healing for the entire party outside of combat, it is highly recommended that the player acquire one. This can be done as soon as Sunshine is available, if the player's first Tear Stone is used to make a Spirit Ring.

Tear Stone equipment
Clear BraceletCloud WandPure CircletSpirit Ring
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