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Game Ticket

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Game Ticket.gif Game Ticket
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Buy value 50
Sell value 37
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Used to play Lucky Wheels
When Usable Field

A Game Ticket is an amassable item that is collected and redeemable in both games. It is similar to a Lucky Medal in that it can be collected in large quantities and then redeemed all at once at a certain location. Game Tickets are often handed to the party for free by any vendor whenever the party makes a particularly expensive purchase from that vendor. They can be used in the Lucky Wheels minigame located in Tolbi in Golden Sun and in Contigo in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and the prizes include the main shirts, boots, and rings that can be found in either game. They can be refused when offered by the vendor, sold for 37 coins, and bought back as an Artifact for 50 coins.

Lucky Wheel prizes
Hearts NutVialPotion
Stars ElixirPsy CrystalWater of Life
Boots Fur BootsHyper BootsQuick Boots
Shirts Mythril ShirtRunning ShirtSilk Shirt
Rings Adept RingSleep RingWar Ring
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