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Gunpowder Bomb

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Gunpowder Bomb DD.png Gunpowder Bomb
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Sell value 52
Artifact? No
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Deals Mars damage to multiple enemies
When Usable Battle

Gunpowder Bombs are consumable items introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Like most consumable items, each party member can hold up to 30 Gunpowder Bombs in a single inventory slot. When used, a Gunpowder Bomb deals Mars-based damage to multiple enemies with visual effects resembling the Cluster Bomb Psynergy from the Fire Bomb Psynergy series. Gunpowder Bombs cannot be bought, but they can be sold for 52 coins each. They are only dropped by Cursed Soldiers in the region west of Tonfon and on the Endless Wall and cannot be found elsewhere.

By the time the player can collect Gunpowder Bombs, they aren't very useful, dealing only 80 to 90 damage to enemies found on the Endless Wall.

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