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Crystal Powder

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Crystal Powder.gif Crystal Powder Crystal Powder DD.png
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Sell value 45
Artifact? No
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Deals Mercury damage to multiple enemies
When Usable Battle

Crystal Powder (すいしょうのこな, Suishou no kona?, lit. Crystal Powder) is a consumable item in the Golden Sun series. Like most consumable items, each party member can hold up to 30 crystal powders in a single inventory slot. When used, crystal powder deals Mercury-based damage to multiple enemies with visual effects resembling the Hail Prism Psynergy. Crystal powder cannot be bought, but they can be sold for 45 coins each.


Golden Sun Crystal Powder[edit]

Crystal Powder is dropped by Spirits, Gnome Mages, Gnome Wizards, Sirens, Succubus, and Brigands.

The Lost Age Crystal Powder[edit]

Crystal Powder is dropped by Spirits, Gnome Mages, Mermen, and Gillmen.

You can also find Crystal Powders in the following locations:

Dark Dawn Crystal Powder[edit]

Crystal powder is dropped by Ghosts, Ghost Mages, Dark Ghosts, Creepers, Harridans, Minotauruses, Lizard Men, Mermen, Gillmen, Gillman Lords, Gloom Skorpnas, Shade Skorpnas, and Foul Skorpnas.

Crystal powder can also be found in the following locations:

  • A tunnel deep beneath Ayuthay, which can only be reached with the Alchemy Well disabled, contains two side rooms, each housing a treasure chest. The left-hand room holds a few hundred coins while the right-hand one is home to some crystal powder. However, the tunnel has fallen into disrepair, so to reach the right-hand room players must take the stairs by the sanctum.
  • Some more chest-bound crystal powder can be found on the deepest level of Harapa Ruins, to the right of the Mercury Djinni Serac.
  • After defeating the Ice Queen and acquiring her gemstone, players can reach a previously-inaccessible building in the southwest corner of Harapa. Cold Snap should be used on a puddle outside the building, then a small plant just outside the eastern gate can be grown into a climbable vine. Walking along Harapa's wall will lead players to the ice pillar created from the puddle, and this pillar grants access to the building. In addition to the Venus Djinni Brick waiting inside, the jar on top of the building contains some crystal powder.
  • The docks of Belinsk are located to the east of its castle. Between the castle and the docks are some stepping stones that are just-out-of-reach the first time around. Some crystal powder can be found in a barrel next to the ladder that would grant access to the stepping stones.
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