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Salamander Tail

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Salamander Tail.gif Salamander Tail
Trade Info
Item class Consumable
Buy value 1400
Sell value 1050
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Use Effect Given to a blacksmith in exchange for rare equipment
When Usable Field

A Salamander Tail (ひとかげのしっぽ, Hitokage no shippo?, lit. Salamander's Tail) is a piece of forgeable material in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is described as "A fiery lizard's tail". It is found in various areas after the Great Western Sea is accessed, such as in Magma Rock, and it can also be dropped rarely from a Pyrodra in Treasure Isle (fell it with Mars Djinn to increase drop rate by four times). Being an Artifact, it can be sold and later repurchased. It can be bought for 1400 coins and sold for 1050 coins. It can be forged into the following quite powerful equipment, all Mars-based:

Apollos Axe.gif Apollo's Axe: Axe class: Attack +158: Unleashes Flare Burst, which converts to Mars damage, adds 56 attack points, and adds all of the damage done to the user’s own HP. It is bought for 15200 coins and sold for 11400 coins. The chance of it being forged is 15%.
Ardagh Robe.gif Ardagh Robe: Robe class: Defense +44: Mars power +20: Mars resist +40. It is bought for 9900 coins and sold for 7425 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.
Burning Sword.gif Burning Sword: Light Blade class: Attack +157: Unleashes Blaze Rush, which converts to Mars damage, adds 54 attack points, and cuts enemy defense by 25%. It is bought for 14600 coins and sold for 10950 coins. The chance of it being forged is 15%.
Flame Shield.gif Flame Shield: Shield class: Defense +44: Mars resist +60. It is bought for 8600 coins and sold for 6450 coins. The chance of it being forged is 25%.
Salamander Rod.gif Salamander Rod: Staff class: Attack +156: Unleashes Fire Dance, which converts to Mars damage, adds 51 attack points, and cuts enemy attack by 25%. It is bought for 14300 coins and sold for 10725 coins. The chance of it being forged is 20%.



Due to the late point at which Salamander Tails are found, most weaponry forged from the Tails are merely placeholders for more endgame-relevant weapons. The Burning Sword can see situational use against Mars-weak enemies, however, due to its status as a pure-element weapon. The Ardagh Robe and Flame Shield are generally more useful in the long term. The Ardagh Robe provides a useful bonus to Mars Power, while the Flame Shield provides an excellent boost to Mars Resistance, useful for exploring Mars Lighthouse.

Random Number Generator methods[edit]

Here is the RNG method for how to get the Salamander Tail. Salamander Tail can be dropped by Pyrodras in Treasure Isle. Standard rules apply.

Party order: Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers. Attack order: Sheba, Jenna, Piers, and Felix. Save the game anywhere on the Treasure Isle, turn off the Game Boy Advance, then restart it. You must first find a Pyrodra and another monster; if not, then turn off the Game Boy Advance and keep trying until you find it.

Round 1

You felled the other enemy!

Round 2

  • Felix and Piers defends.
  • Sheba casts Plasma! Big arrow: Pyrodra
  • Jenna unleashes Torch! Big arrow: Pyrodra

You felled Pyrodra!

You should receive a Salamander Tail.

Salamander Tail equipment
Apollo's AxeArdagh RobeBurning SwordFlame ShieldSalamander Rod
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