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Use scoop on suspicious patches of ground and you might dig up useful items or reveal hidden passageways.

Scoop.gif Scoop (スコップ, Scoop) is a Venus Utility Psynergy in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that allows the player to "Dig in soft ground" to discover what might be hidden under the dirt. It is granted to an Adept equipped with the Scoop Gem item that is earned at Yampi Desert after defeating the King Scorpion boss. Scoop is required to beat the game and costs 1 PP to use. It can be used on circular distortions in the sand to try and find valuable items. It can also be used in the Gondowan Cliffs on cracks in the ground to allow geysers to shoot up out of the ground. It can be used on dirt, sand, and snow.

A widely unknown aspect of this Psynergy is that, when used anywhere on certain surfaces such as general sand, there is always a slim chance of digging up a randomly determined cheap item. Meaning that with Scoop, you can potentially get the following items free of monetary cost:

Coin.gif Coins
Herb.gif Herb
Nut.gif Nut
Antidote.gif Antidote
Smoke Bomb.gif Smoke Bomb
Sleep Bomb.gif Sleep Bomb
Game Ticket.gif Game Ticket

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