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Parch effectively removes a select few "ponds" located throughout Weyard's dungeon-style locations.

Parch.gif Parch (ドライ, Dry) is a Mercury class Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that costs 2 Psynergy Points. It is learned by Piers when the party reaches the end of the Aqua Rock dungeon and interacts with the magic tablet there. Piers can use Parch to "Evaporate standing water." This effectively remove small bodies of water within dungeon-style environments. Like most Utility Psynergies, Parch is required to complete the game, particularly to enter Tundaria Tower. It is also needed to get to the Ulysses and Coatlicue summon tablets, as well as obtaining the Mercury Djinni Steam.


  • Using Parch on flowing water will yield an effect that indicates it evaporating water, but it has no actual effect. This is most likely meant to show that some water is evaporated, but more water simply takes its place. This can be assumed to be the reason it is, as its description says, only effective on standing water.
  • In Dark Dawn, the Mars-aligned Utility Psynergy Arid Heat - gained from the Sand Prince Stone - acts in much the same way as Parch, though it is more often used to solve puzzles akin to the water elevator in the Shrine of the Sea God (which utilised the rare key item, Sea God's Tear, instead of Psynergy). This is similar to how Reveal was replaced by a variety of similar, yet different-element Utility Psynergies.

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