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Elder Wood Psynergy set

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The Estre Wood Psynergies as shown in The Lost Age.

The Elder Wood Psynergy set is a series of Mercury Support Psynergies. It is available only in The Lost Age.

Basic Characteristics[edit]

The Elder Wood Psynergies restore Hit Points to all party members that haven't fallen; they only affect currently-battling party members. The amount of HP recovered depends on the caster's Mercury Power, as well as which Psynergy is actually used.

Elder Wood
Elder Wood.gif
Star mercury.gif Mercury 14 PP
Range all.gif
"Tap the forests to restore 170 HP." (TLA-present) All currently-battling, non-downed allies recover around 170 HP.
Estre Wood
Estre Wood.gif
Star mercury.gif Mercury 14 PP
Range all.gif
Restore 180 HP to all allies." (TLA-present) All currently-battling, non-downed allies recover around 180 HP.

Visually, each Psynergy shows a member of the Wood Walker enemy line that appears in front of the party to restore HP. As the names suggest, an Elder Wood is summoned for the Elder Wood Psynergy, while an Ester Wood appears in the other.

Recovery calculation[edit]

As previously stated, the exact strength of the Elder Wood Psynergies depend on the caster's Mercury Power. To be specific, the outcome can be represented with the following formula:

HP restored = Base HP recovery rating * (Power / 100)

The caster's Mercury Power is divided by 100 and multiplied by the base HP restored; the Power rating is effectively treated as an exact percentage. As a result, an Adept with less than 100 Mercury Power would heal less than the advertised amount of HP, while an Adept with more than 100 Mercury Power would heal more. If an Adept has 124 Mercury Power, the Psynergy literally heals 24% more than what is listed in the game. The highest any Power rating can reach is 200, so if the user has 200 Mercury Power, the healing potency of all stages of the Elder Wood series is doubled.


The Elder Wood series is unique to the Tamer class series. The Tamer class is an item-dependent class accessed by equipping the Trainer's Whip. Thus, any Adept could potentially learn the series so long as they have access to the Trainer's Whip. The Elder Wood Psynergy is learned at Level 15 and is unique to the Beastkeeper stage, which requires a total of 6 Djinn, equally divided amongst three elements. The Estre Wood Psynergy also learned at Level 15, but is unique to the Beast Lord stage, which requires 9 total Djinn equally divided amongst three elements. In both cases, the specific elements of Djinn required depends on the specific element of the Adept. Similarly to Psynergies like the Ragnarok series, the Ester Wood Psynergy replaces the Elder Wood Psynergy.


When compared to the similar Wish Psynergies, the Elder Wood Psynergies fall in between the strength of Wish Well and Pure Wish, but is learned much earlier than either. However, the low PP pool of the Tamer class means that the Wish series is more practical. In addition, the Elder Wood series cannot be used in the field, thus their use is limited to battle, when the Tamer would be better off attacking.


  • Both the Elder Wood and Estre Wood were coded into the game as variants of the Wood Walker monster, but were never given any abilities. Thus these Psynergies are the only time the player can see their sprites. This is in contrast to most of the Tamer's other monster-based Psynergies, which take the forms of easily encountered monsters.
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