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Avoid can be useful for a high-level party that does not want to run into as many monsters.

Avoid (プルーフ, Proof) is a Mercury-based Utility Psynergy featured throughout the Golden Sun series. The Sacred Feather, a one-time use item, can be used to emulate Avoid's effect.

Basic Characteristics

Avoid is a non-damaging Psynergy that can be used in dungeons, the overworld, or on the world map.

Star mercury.gif Mercury 5 PP
Range 1.gif
"Encounter fewer monsters." (GS-present) Temporarily reduces the random encounter rate.

When used, Avoid features golden rings appearing around the current playable character. The character will then glow for a moment, and a message will appear noting the reduction in the random encounter rate.


Avoid is a unique Psynergy which can reduce or eliminate random encounters with monsters. The extent to which Avoid will be effective depends on the average level of your party compared to the 'recommended level' of the enemy encounters in the area. If your level is too low, Avoid will do nothing at all, whereas if your level is higher, some encounters will be skipped, and if your level is particularly high, all random encounters will be completely skipped. Avoid will wear off after the player travels a fixed distance.


Avoid being used in Dark Dawn.

In all games, Avoid is available to Venus, Mars, and Mercury Adepts. It should be noted that the majority of classes require that the Adept has the required Djinn to have reached the second stage of the class, the exception being the Dragoon class. Thus, Avoid is available to the following classes:

In The Lost Age, Avoid can also be accessed by any Adept, including Jupiter Adepts, that has equipped the Mysterious Card, which allows access to the Pierrot class series. Regardless of class, Avoid is learned at Level 6.


Avoid is an extremely useful tool to have, but when overused it can lead to catastrophic results. It is most helpful when the player's party is in dire straits, since it helps the party get to an inn before it is too late. It is also especially useful for players who are visiting areas where the enemies are too weak to be worth fighting, since it saves the annoyance of random combat.

The drawback, however, is that it is impossible to collect experience points for battles not fought; excessive dependence on Avoid can lead to the player being unprepared when a boss comes around.

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