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Cyclone is used to clear away shrubs of grass on the ground which conceal things like Nuts, Mints, and hidden passageways.

Cyclone (サイクロン, Cyclone) is a Jupiter-class Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that costs 2 Psynergy Points. Cyclone is granted to an Adept equipped with the Cyclone Chip, given to the player by the Mayor of Madra after completing the Gabomba Statue dungeon and returning to Madra.

According to its description, Cyclone allows the player to "Conjure wind to scatter weeds." In the field, this translates into a small tornado surrounding Felix, while a larger gust of wind swirls around Felix. This wind gust will blow away any grassy shrubs on the ground, allowing for the discovery of hidden consumable items and secret passageways. In pre-determined areas, Cyclone will reveal a Mad Plant that will attack the player, forcing them into a sometimes difficult battle.

Most famously, Cyclone can be used near whirlwind shaped structures, allowing the party to be transported up or down one floor. Cyclone is necessary to complete the game and is instrumental in many dungeons, particularly Jupiter Lighthouse.

Star jupiter.gif Jupiter 2 PP
"Conjure wind to scatter weeds." ((TLA)) Clear away all shrubs within 2 tiles of you in all directions to expose the ground and any secrets underneath them. Can also be used near special floor-mounted structures to either ascend or descend to the next floor in the dungeon.
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