Sleep (Psynergy)

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Sleep being cast in Dark Dawn

Sleep (スリープ, Sleep) is a support-class Jupiter Psynergy featured throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Characteristics

Sleep is a ranged, non-offensive Psynergy. Sleep's chance of successfully inflicting a status change changes depending on the Luck statistic of the target(s).

Star jupiter.gif Jupiter 5 PP
Range 3.gif
"Lull multiple foes to sleep." (GS-present) May inflict the status condition Sleep on up to three targets.

Visually, Sleep features the caster conjuring a herd of sheep, which fall from the sky and bombard the targets.


Sleep being cast in the GBA games

As mentioned, Sleep's chance of inflicting a status change, in this case the Sleep status, depends on the Luck rating of the target. Lower Luck ratings result in a higher rate of success. While asleep, enemies or party members are left unable to move for a limited time. The effects of the Psynergy may be instantly reversed by using an Elixir or the Restore Psynergy on the affected target, however, the sleeping target may also awaken at the beginning of any turn. Otherwise, the Psynergy's effect does not linger after a battle has ended.


Sleep is available to the Wind Seer class series, the Apprentice class series, and the Page class series. Thus the Psynergy is available to Jupiter, Venus, and Mars Adepts. The Wind Seer class is the base class of Ivan, Sheba, and Karis, and is available to them when they have when they have no or only Jupiter Djinn set. In addition, all playable Jupiter Adepts can access Sleep via large numbers of either Venus or Mars Djinn. Non-Jupiter Adepts require large numbers of Jupiter Djinn to access the Sleep Psynergy.

The Wind Seer class learns Sleep at Level 12, while the Apprentice and Page classes learn Sleep at Level 14.


In theory, the ability to inflict the Sleep status seems useful, due to its ability to temporarily halt enemy movement. In practice, however, the Sleep Psynergy has little practical use. Since its effectiveness depends on the enemy's Luck, bosses are nearly always immune to Sleep's effects. While it can effect weaker enemies, this usually has the effect of prolonging a battle unnecessarily. Sleep's main use would be against early random encounters where the battling party is underleveled.

In a linked battle Sleep is significantly more useful as the targets will have high offense but low luck. All classes that learn Sleep are tied for second place in agility (only Ninja surpasses them), enabling them to quickly shut down multiple enemies.

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