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Mind Read

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Mind Read is frequently used to see what secret monologue each person that can be talked to is engaging in within his or her head.

Mind Read.gif Mind Read (リード, Read) is a Jupiter Psynergy unique to Jupiter Adepts. Ivan comes with it at the beginning of Golden Sun, and Sheba also comes with it in the beginning of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Mind Read cannot be used in battle; only in towns, dungeons, and the overworld map. It can be used on both animals and humans to read what they are thinking and sometimes provides very useful hints, including those turned into trees by the Curse of Tret.

When the Psynergy is first used by Ivan in Golden Sun, it is shown that Adepts can sense when Mind Read is being used on them, unlike a non-Adept, who will remain insensitive to the Psynergy. This becomes especially important at Fuchin Temple, where the player must cast it on the Adept Nyunpa to gain access to Fuchin Falls Cave.

It can be somewhat confusing for new players on how to use Mind Read, when pressing A button brings up a normal conversation instead. One can circumvent the conversation by two ways: You can either set it to a hotkey (Go to Psynergy window outside battle, and press either L or R button while examining Ivan or Sheba's psynergies), or press Select button to bring up the menu.

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