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Nyunpa.gif NyunpaDD.gif
GBA and DS portraits
Element Jupiter
Hometown Fuchin Temple
Age unknown
Hair color Grey
Japanese name (ニュンパ Nyunpa)

Master Nyunpa (ニュンパ Nyunpa) is the head monk at Fuchin Temple in the eastern portion of Angara. He is an Adept that possesses Psynergy powers, which he titles "Ki", and among his powers is his ability to subtly use Mind Read. While he teaches Ki to students at his temple, it is based on the power of the mind, in contrast to what Master Hama normally teaches at Lama Temple: Chi, based on energy of the body.

Nyunpa must have his Mind Read in order to start a conversation.

Nyunpa notices Isaac's traveling group if they attempt to read his mind with their own Mind Read Psynergy. Nyunpa grants them access to the nearby dungeon Fuchin Falls Cave by sending out a telepathic signal to his subordinate guarding the entrance. After Isaac's group passes the dungeon, they go back to Nyunpa. Nyunpa educates them about what they will face in Mogall Forest below, and explains how they can use the Force Psynergy they acquired in the dungeon on the tree stumps containing Apes.

After Nyunpa sees Isaac off, he begins to fast and meditate for the world's sake, eventually withering away to a state of near-death. The exact conditions to cause Nyunpa to be his withered, practically dead self are to first talk to him after having gotten the Orb of Force, then after you've gone through Mogall Forest, defeated the Killer Ape, and left the forest off its bottom exit, reenter the forest right back through where you exited, to the area where you fought the Killer Ape, then leave again. With this done, the next time you get to Fuchin Temple by traveling clockwise around Angara, you'll find that the location has updated.

Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.
Nyunpa becomes a slave to the influence of the Ice Queen and is seemingly like a statue when discovered in Harapa Ruins.

Nyunpa also appears in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, again in an NPC role. Shortly after the Golden Sun event, he chose to halt his meditations in order to travel, with the goal of helping the people of the world. During his travels, he came upon Passaj, and discovered the Ice Queen Stone. However, Nyunpa's open mind allowed the Ice Queen to take control of him, and Nyunpa was coerced into fleeing with the Stone. The Ice Queen directed him towards her ancient abode of Harapa Ruins, but the Monk's will was not completely subdued. In Harapa, Nyunpa worked to help the people there rebuilt the ancient ruins into the town it is when Matthew and his friends arrive, nearly thirty years later. Eventually, however, he fell completely under the Ice Queen's control, and took her into the depths of the ruins. Here, the Ice Queen attempted to leave, but she found that she could not leave her stone, and so she forced Nyunpa to remain with her.

When Matthew's party of Adepts travels to the ruins and defeats the Ice Queen in battle, Nyunpa is freed from her control. His appearance shocks the Adepts, who initially believe him to be a ghost. He then demonstrates his mind reading abilities and explains his circumstances. Nyunpa then accompanies the Adepts out of the Ruins. Before leaving, he speaks to Matthew, noting Matthew's resemblance to Isaac.


  • In Fuchin Temple:
Nyunpa's Sun Saga appearance
Nyunpa: (If Isaac uses Mind Read on Nyunpa) "Young master... Was that your voice I heard in my mind just now?" (If Isaac says no) "Speak no lies to me!" (Uses Mind Read on Isaac) "I knew it! You follow them, do you not?" (If Isaac says no, Nyunpa will Mind Read Isaac again) "You speak lies... You are indeed following them!"
Nyunpa: (Despite having never heard Isaac's name given) "Go now, Isaac! Just remember, you are not the only ones who can read minds."
Nyunpa: (If Isaac tries to mind read him again) "You enjoy reading the minds of others, do you not?" (If Isaac says yes) "If you overdo it, you will soon learn to despise the ability."
Nyunpa: "Excellent, Isaac! I am glad to see you master the secrets of Fuchin Temple!"
Nyunpa: "What would happen if you let loose this energy in the forest? Ha ha! You are curious, no?" (If Isaac says no) "I can read minds, you know. You are curious, aren't you?" (If Isaac says no) "You don't have to try so hard. You are curious, are you not?" (Nyunpa will repeat this line each time however many times Isaac says no, so if Isaac says yes) "Monsters that wait in hiding would show themselves. You would then try to defeat them, would you not?" (If Isaac says yes) "Sometimes, you must let go of your belief that fighting solves problems..."
Nyunpa: (Thinking) "Now that I have passed my knowledge of Ki along... I am without worries. Farewell, Isaac. Take care of yourself..."
  • In Harapa Ruins:
Tyrell: "A ghost!"
Nyunpa: (Speaking telepathically) "A ghost? Oh, don't put me beyond the grave quite yet. I've still got a few years left in me!"
Nyunpa: "All I wanted was to help people. But it all went horribly wrong."
Nyunpa: (Speaking normally) "Looking at you here... It is like I'm seeing your father, Isaac, stand before me." (Referring to Matthew's group in the third person) "Ah, those young masters with the whole world before them! I hope we ALL meet again in life's long journey!"