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Drain.gif Drain is a unique Jupiter class Psynergy found in all three games. Drain is available to the Hermit, Dark Mage, Jupiter Pilgrim, Medium, Ranger, Jupiter Seer, Apprentice, and Page class series'. For the Pilgrim and the Ranger this Psynergy is available at level 33 while for all the rest it is available at level 31. Because of the wide array of class series' that it this available to, it can be learned by all Adepts.

Drain costs 3 PP and has a base power rating of 50 and a range of one. What makes this unique is that unlike all other offensive Psynergies the health of the Adept casting Drain is restored by the same amount of damage done.


Drain being cast in Dark Dawn

Drain has the same problem as Psy Drain in that by the time that an Adept is at the sufficient level to learn it, the Psynergies become near useless. The amount that it restores is the same as an Herb, an item that is generally not used late in the game. The damage that it does is near negligible for later level foes, making it lacking in that area as well. One of the few times that it may be used is if the Adept is low on PP because the cost for Drain is very low; however, it is much more advantageous to use a Nut or, better yet, a Potion, as they restore much more Hit Points for no Psynergy Points.

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Jupiter Psynergy in Dark Dawn
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